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Playoffs as of now...

Brewers would face the Dodgers

Padres would face the Mets.


Tigers vs. Angels

Indians vs. Red Sox


How do you think the playffs would develop?


My thoughts:

Brewers take the Dodgers in four.

Mets take Padres in five.


Brewers take the Mets in six.


Tigers take Angels in five.

Red Sox take Indians in four.


Red Sox take Tigers in four.


Brewers beat the Red Sox in seven to become World Champions.

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My thoughts are that the playoffs are almost impossible to predict and that comes from a guy who tries to predict everything. A 5 game series lets the underdog win often, which may be good or bad for the Brewers, if they make it.
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I agree with Russ. But I will say, when the Crew make it, we'll lose in the first round. It'll give the kids a taste of glory, and more importantly massive motivation for next year. And then we'll string out a few years of dominance before hitting the money wall and trading all our talent to the Yankees.
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And then we'll string out a few years of dominance before hitting the money wall and trading all our talent to the Yankees.


The Yankees still won't have a good-enough farm system to make that deal work. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/happy.gif

Wearing my heart on my sleeve since birth. Hopefully, it's my only crime.





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This could be an exciting year in the playoffs, even aside from the Brewers if they make it. That AL bracket looks like some fun baseball.


I think with homefield advantage the Brewers would be a slight favorite over all comers if the playoffs started today.

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Don't worry Russ, we're not going to hold you to it. This one's just for fun. Here's what my gut tells me, today. I reserve the right to completely change my mind tomorrow. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


I like the way the Crew matches up with LA, and I'd take the Brewers to survive and advance. Mets sweep Padres.


Angels outlast the Tigers in by far the best first round series, and Red Sox take out the gritty Tribe.


Mets in six over the Brew Crew, getting clutch hitting from the heart of their order. No shame in a season like that for the young Brewers, who can now say they've been there, and start planning world domination in 2008.


Red Sox over Angels in surprisingly easy fashion.


Mets over Red Sox in six. The champs return to New York, but not the Bronx. Long, cold winter for the Boss.

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the potential problem that i see is in looking at the brewers' potential play-off opponents, is that all of them have money and resources available to spend to improve their current teams. they also all have a past history of making trade deadline deals acquiring all stars from also rans.


the mets could easily trade Milledge and end up with a Crawford or Icharo. Stranger and more lopsided deals have happened. The Mets will also have a fresh Pedro for the stretch run. the Dodgers and Padres are always trading prospects to acquire veterans. the Pads just acquired Bradley and Barrett to shore up their needs.


In order to win in the play-offs , the brewers are going to have to add some last piece to their puzzle. because I'm certain the other three teams will be adding somebody as well. I'm quite confident the gm's for the padres, mets and Dodgers will be very active in the next two months addressing their perceived needs.


I'm also quite certain melvin will be earning his money as well.

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