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7/7/05 Brewers (Santos) vs. Marlins (Moehler) 12:05 CST


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I hope Yost bats Magruder leadoff again. He really battled out there last night. The whole TEAM battled!


Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and the Brewers lost. They tried really hard and battled to the end though. I mean, we got the fighters and the gamers and the hardworkers so... it's just a matter of time that that translates to wins.

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I like the rotation at SS/3B that Yost seems to be using.


Day 1: Hardy at SS, Branyan at 3B

Day 2: Hardy at SS, Hall at 3B

Day 3: Hall at SS, Branyan at 3B


Everybody gets to play two out of every three games. If Yost does it right, Branyan's off-days will also coincide with lefties on the hill for the opposing team. That won't matter until after the All-Star break, though.


Good job, Ned.



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I have a good feeling about today.


Brewers 8 marlins 4.


Let's hope my feeling is right and Scoop's is wrong.


A split after such a promising start would be a bummer going into Atlanta to play the red-hot braves.

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I think you wrote something there, but my brain couldn't decode. Please confirm. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


You're right... I got confused for a second there. What I mean to say was:


Good job Rich Dauer making Ned go along with your brilliant idea. He wanted to play Helms at 3B every day but you totally pwnz0red him.





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I actually feel pretty good about seeing Moeller out there now. But I also have more confidence in JJ than Billy over the past couple weeks.


How things have changed.

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