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3/29/05 - Cubs (Mitre) at Brewers (de la Rosa), 2 PM CT

Sweet, I won the tickets and the ice cream...I made myself sound like a broke jackhole who always sits in Bernie's Terrace and hardly ever takes my wife out to a nice place for dinner (not too far from the truth) but I think it was worth it. It was kinda embarassing when Bill suggested I go to McDonald's though... http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/embarassed.gif
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The game's not over yet. 13-6 Schlubs right now. Adams pitching, struck first batter out, Fly out to Krynzel for second out, some minor leaguer hits a single, another single to center, then strikesout Dubois.


Is Crabbe pronounced Crab or Crab-e (or something else)


Is Kent Sommerfield annoying to anyone else?

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Bottom of the Ninth (Hawkins pitching, thank you Dusty!)


MacGruder: Walks, on 4-1 count

Bibbs: Flys out to Dubois.

Rottino: Flys out to Walker

Borders: single to center on 1-2 count (now 9-15 in spring)

Durrington: battles by striking out looking.




Glover vs Zito tommorrow


Sutton mentions St.Louis post-dispatch article (fails to thank AJAY for link)

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ROFL!! The Brewers were bad last year because of their defense? LOL!! OMFG!! ROFL


The Brewers were bad because of their defense...


And their offense...


Oh, who am I kidding; the Brewers were just bad...

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