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3/29/05 - Cubs (Mitre) at Brewers (de la Rosa), 2 PM CT


I'd love to see a Sheets/Davis/Capuano/Hendrickson/JDLR rotation by the end of the year.


That's entirely possible and would be consistent with the team limping to 70 wins.


Is that as opposed to the 72-win Sheets / Davis / Santos / Capuano / Glover juggernaut?

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Why are you guys so pessimistic? The Brewers are going 162-0 this year with a starting rotation of Sheets/Davis/Capuano/Obermueller/Glover/Hendrickson/De La Rosa/Spahn/Capuano.


I know 9 man rotations are unlikely, but Hope Springs Attorney.

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Why are you guys so pessimistic? The Brewers are going 162-0 this year with a starting rotation of Sheets/Davis/Capuano/Obermueller/Glover/Hendrickson/De La Rosa/Spahn/Capuano.


Good to see Melvin has found voodoo. If we can bring back spahn, why not fix 3rd base with Matthews?

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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I was thinking more along the lines of "trade showcase", although I don't want to see DLR given up on this quickly. I know Ned doesn't like to put lefties next to each other in the rotation, so could we possibly see a rotation of:


1. Davis

2. Sheets

3. Capuano

4. Glover

5. de la Rosa


Davis is #1 in name only...everyone knows Sheets is the ace. This rotation would theoretically work, except DLR and Davis pitching back-to-back occasionally.



Frankly, after April, with possible rain outs, off days, etc, the rotation never ends up being in the exact order it was written down in early April.


Pitching lefties back to back doenst really matter IMO, if they can get the job done, thats all that should matter, but like you said, this is Ned Yost were talking about here, common sense isnt his fortay.

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Oh by the way, I can't do a box score since I'm generally half-listening here at work and sometimes have to split but I can give scoring and periodic updates...Cubs didn't score in the first half inning although they got two hits off DLR...Hairston got picked off though.
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Brewers lineup:


Bottom 1st

Krynzel (out - not sure how - 1 out)

Hardy (G.O. 6-3 - 2 out)

Overbay 1B

Lee 2B, run scores Brewers 1 - CHC 0

Jenkins K 3 outs




EDIT: OK, this is a lot of work. I can't do it anymore or else I'll be fired. Kudos to those that make it happen.

"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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And I'll pick up the scoring.


Hanson: E3 (between Overbay's legs)

Murray: BB

Mitre: Sac. bunt 5-3 - 1 outs

Hairston: FC (De La Rosa picked up chopper but missed the tag) Hanson scores, score is 1-1.

Perez: K swinging 2 outs

Lee: HR, Murray & Hairston score, 4-1 Scrubs

Burnitz: 1B (broken bat, ball of Hall's glove)

Barrett: 2B down LF line, Burnitz scores, 5-1 Scrubs

Pitching change, Phelps in to replace De La Rosa

Hollandsworth: 1B to center, Barrett scores, 6-1 Scrubs

Hanson: F7 3 outs (finally)

I hate it when big innings start with an error


Bottom 2nd

Miller: 2B to right center. Takes 3rd on WP

Cirillo: SF7 Miller scores 6-2 Scrubs 1 out

Hall: F 9 2 out

Phelps: 1-3 3 outs


Top 3

Murray: Got on, not sure how

Mitre: Sac. Bunt, Murray to 2nd 1 out

Hairston: Out, I believe F 8 2 out

Perez: BB

Pitching change, Lehr in to replace Phelps

Lee: 2B to RC, Murray, Perez score, 8-2 Scrubs

Burnitz: 1B to CF, Lee scores, 9-2 Scrubs

Barrett: F 8 3 out


I don't recall too many hitters that Brewer pitching has not been behind in the count on. Not a good sign for these bullpen hopefuls.


Bottom 3

Krynzel: BB

Hardy: FC 1-6 1 out

Overbay: 1B to CF, Hardy to 3B

Lee: High pop foul, F 3 2 out

Jenks: Screaming liner to Hairston F 4 3 out


Top 4

Hollandsworth: 6-3 Hardy with a high throw, pulling O off the bag. He missed the tag when Hollandsworth went by, but Hollandsworth never touched the bag. O tagged him on the way back for the out. 1 out

Hanson: 1B to CF

Murray: DP 6-4-3 3 out


Score remains 9-2 Scrubs


Bottom 4

Miller: HBP, hit in left hand or wrist, leaves game for the Grand Old Man, Pat Borders

Cirillo: 2B to LCF, Borders to 3B.

Hall: 3 pitch swinging K - 1 out

Helms (PH for Lehr): 6-3 Borders scores 9-3 Scrubs 2 outs

Pitching change: Mitre replaced by Fox

Krynzel: Pop to short CF F-4 3 out


Score: 9-3 Scrubs


Top 5

Lineup changes: Santana pitching, Borders at C, Helms at 1B.

DuBois (PH for Fox): BB

Hairston: 1B to RF, DuBois to 2B

Perez: 4-3, both runners advance, 1 out

Echevarria (PH for Lee): 2B down LF line, DuBois & Hairston score 11-3 Scrubs

Kelton (PH for Burnitz): K swinging, 2 out

Barrett: K swinging, 3 out


Score: 11-3 Scrubs


Bottom 5

Lineup changes: Echevarria at 1B, DuBois in LF, Kelton in RF, Eddie Oropesa pitching

Hardy: 2B to RF

Magruder (PH for Santana): 1B to LF, Hardy scores 11-4 Scrubs Magruder to 2B on WP

15 RBI for Magruder this spring

Lee: 1B, 3U Lee legs out an infield hit, but did not touch the bag. Magruder to 3B. 1 out

Jenks: 1B to LF, Magruder scores 11-5 Scrubs

Borders: DP 6-4-3 3 out


Score: 11-5 Scrubs


Top 6

Lineup changes: Obie pitching, Bibbs in LF

Ransom: 5-3 1 out

Hanson: 1B to LF

Murray: FC, Hanson to 3b on E6 (Hardy throws to 2B, throws it by Hall)

DuBois: Pop to 2b F-4 2 out

Kelton: Murray steals 2B K swinging Note: I don't think it was Kelton who hit, or I missed something.


Score: 11-5 Scrubs


Bottom 6


Sorry guys, I can't do it anymore, I need to get some work done.

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Yeah, I'm thinking this would be a good time for Nedley to run some freaking defensive drills.


Corporal punishment works wonders, too.


Electric shock therapy might just be in order herehttp://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/happy.gif

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Man, I really hope this wasn't a trade showcase for De La Rosa. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


He's a frustrating guy. When he's on, he's been virtually unhittable this spring. When he doesn't have his command he gets shelled. If this guy can ever harness his control he will be pretty darn good.

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Brewer Fanatic Contributor
Lyle Overbay's two-base error to start things off didn't help. He makes the play, then it's a whole different half-inning. Then there's that bang-bang play at first, which might not have been a hit (did Hairston make it before the tag or did the umps help the Scrubs again?).
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