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3/15/05 Brewers (Capuano) @ Giants (Schmidt), 7:50 CT WTMJ

Anyone else think that Gary Glover is the right handed Doug Davis? I think I read somewhere that Maddux has taught Glover the cut fastball over the offseason, the same pitch that Davis has turned the corner with. Would love to see him get a starting spot as he did well in his few starts last season.
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Fun Brewer lineup in this one:


CF Krynzel

2B Weeks

1B Overbay

3B Branyan

LF Hart

SS Hardy

RF Cruz

C Moeller

P Capuano


I won't be able to do a full play-by-play this evening, if anyone else is able to keep a running single post...

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Top 1st:

Schmidt pitching

Krynzel - K

Weeks - BB, caught stealing during Overbay's at bat

Overbay - K looking

Brewers 0, Giants 0


Bottom 1st:

Capuano pitching

J. Ellison - bunt single, caught trying to advance on pitch in the dirt during Cruz's at bat

D. Cruz - BB

JT Snow - BB

P. Feliz - BB

M. Grissom - K looking

M. Tucker - K

Brewers 0, Giants 0


Top 2nd:

Schmidt pitching

Branyan - BB

Hart - K

Hardy - GIDP 6-4-3

Brewers 0, Giants 0


Bottom 2nd:

Capuano pitching

B. Dalimore - 2B to left field corner

M. Matheny - K

J. Schmidt - K

Ellison - ground out

Brewers 0, Giants 0


Top 3rd:

Schmidt pitching

Cruz - K

Moeller - Home Run

Capuano - K

Krynzel - Fly out

Brewers 1, Giants 0



Bottom 3rd:

Capuano pitching

Cruz: out

Snow pop out

Feliz: K

Brewers 1, Giants 0


Top 4th:

Schmidt pitching

Weeks: BB

Overbay: 1B ( infield hit)

Branyan: K

Hart: K

Hardy: 5-3 ground out

Brewers 1, Giants 0


Bottom 4th:

Tommy Phelps pitching

Grissom: Fly out to center

Tucker: K

Dalimore: 1B

Matheny: 1B

Linden (PH for Schmidt): Flyout

Brewers 1, Giants 0


Top 5th:

Fassero pitching

Cruz: U3

Moeller: BB

Phelps: 2-6-3 DP (on sac bunt attempt)

Brewers 1, Giants 0


Bottom 5th:

Phelps pitching

Ellison: Out

Cruz: 1B

Snow: 4-1 (Overbay missed, Weeks with the backup- makes the play)

Feliz: 1B (infield - Branyan backed up on the hop, rather than charging), Cruz to 2nd

Wild pitch, runners advance to 2nd and 3rd.

Linden: 1B to right center, 2 runs score Brewers 1, Giants 2

Jeff Bennett replaces Tommy Phelps

Tucker: 6-3

Brewers 1, Giants 2


Top 6th:

Benitez pitching

Krynzel: 6-3

Weeks: 6-3

Overbay: FO7

Brewers 1, Giants 2


Bottom 6th:

Bennett pitching

Dalimore: 6-3

Matheny: 1B, PR Rivera

Linden: 1B, Rivera scores, Linden out at 2nd

J. Ramirez: K

Brewers 1, Giants 3


Top 7th:

Branyan: 6-3

Hart: 1B

Hardy: 3B standing - Hart scores

Cruz: groundout - Hardy stays at 3rd

Moeller: out

Brewers 2, Giants 3


Bottom 7th:

Glover pitching

Steve Moss with a "spectactular" catch in right center

Chabolla? -BB, steals 2nd

6-3, runner advances to 3rd

Niekro: BB

Torcato: K

Brewers 2, Giants 3


Top 8th:

Erickson: 4-3

Cirillo: BB

Borders: 1B to center, Cirillo to 3rd

Fermaint: out

Knox: out

Brewers 2, Giants 3


Bottom 8th:

power outage... I'm going to let it go at this point.

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Not sure how, but Sheets has given up a run in the 1st. M. Young on 3rd, 2 out.


I guess the 1st 2 guys got singles, there was a SB, and the run scored on a passed ball.


I'll keep a play-by-play of the Texas game here.


Bottom 1 (Pedro Astacio pitching)

B Clark - pops to RF

Durrington - K swinging

Prince - K swinging on 3 pitches.


Top 2



Laird - Out

Sorry, was listening to Uecker. Sheets retired side 1-2-3


Score is 1-0 Rangers


Bottom 2 (Astacio pitching)

Jenkins - 4-3

Miller - K swinging

Helms - 1b in the hole at SS

Magruder - 1b to center, Helms to 3rd

Hall - Fly out to CF


1-0 Rangers


Top 3 (Sheets pitching)

Astacio - 2b

Torres - Sac. Bunt 5-3

M. Young - 6-3, runner holds at third

Blalock - 2b to RF corner, Astacio scores (2-0)

Teixeira - Bloop 1b to right, Blalock scores (3-0)

Julio Santana in for Sheets

Dellucci - K swinging


3-0 Rangers


Bottom 3 (Astacio pitching)

Santana - 2b

Clark - 4-3, runner holds

Durrington - F-9, runner advances to 3rd

Prince - F-8


3-0 Rangers


Top 4 (Santana pitching)

Kinsler - K on check swing

Nix - K swinging Santana looking strong

Laird - Out


3-0 Rangers


Bottom 4 (Astacio pitching)

Jenkins - 2b just inside LF line

Miller - K swinging

Helms - 1b, Jenkins scores (3-1)

Magruder - K swinging

Hall - BB, Helms to 2b

Bukvich pitching

Nelson (PH for Santana) - HR to Right Center (4-3 Brewers)

Clark - 1b to CF

Durrington - Popped to 2b.


4-3 Brewers


Top 5 (De La Rosa pitching)

Nivar - BB on 4 pitches

Torres - K swinging (Jorge went 2-0 on him, then a K)

M. Young - 6-3, runner to 2b

Blalock - 1b to CF, Nivar scores (4-4)

Balk, Blalock to 2b

Teixeira - BB

Dellucci - Liner to RF, Jenkins turned the wrong way but recovered to make a diving/sliding catch.




Bottom 5 (Bukvich pitching)

Fielder - K Swinging

Jenkins - Out

Miller - BB

Helms - FC 6-4




Sorry I can't finish, but I must retire for the evening.

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