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09/21/2004 - Brewers (Santos) vs. Cardinals (Marquis)

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That catch by Krynzel was amazing. I swear he was in right-center field as the camera panned off of the field level as the ball ascended. I thought the only player that would be anywhere close to that ball would be Jenkins. Great night overall, fun to watch, and I hope that performance gets him in a few more games to end the season.


Great win too. At this point any win is a great win.


Kind of a tangent, but there was a post just a few days ago asking if there were any positives to this season. I don't think the individual club records were brought up, but I guess I didn't realize how many there were out there (I knew about them, but I didn't really think about them all at once, if that makes sense): Overbay's doubles, Sheets' strikeouts, Pods' stolen bases & Kolb's saves. Of course, individual performances don't translate into more wins, but improved talent may some day. Hopefully we have some keepers (or future trade bait http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/frown.gif ).

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Ok, so I was bored... and curious. Of course, Dave didn't jump vertically, and only jumped as high as he needed to make the catch, so it's probably not his full potential. I thought it was more impressive than it was before I did the math, but it was still damn nice play. I'm probably off by a few inches because of perspective, but anyway..



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