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06/04/2004 - Brewers (Santos) at Padres (Tankersley)


06/04/2004 - Brewers (Santos) at Padres (Tankersley)


The Crew will get its first look at Petco Park tonight as Victor Santos takes on Dennis Tankersley. The Friars' new crib isn't a good place to get one's offense going, but the Brewers will nonetheless continue their neverending quest to prove George Webb's 5-run prediction correct.


Daily Brew Series Preview:



Feel free to add game previews from other sites if you've got a few minutes... I gotta jet.


Go Brewers,


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Lineups with a new different look, hopefully it'll jumpstart the offense:



Podsednik, CF

Counsell, SS

Jenkins, LF

Overbay, 1B

Ginter, 3B

Spivey, 2B

Clark, RF

Bennett, C

Santos, P



Burroughs, 3B

Loretta, 2B

Giles, RF

Nevin, 1B

Payton, CF

Long, LF

Hernandez, C

Greene, SS

Tankersly, P

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Wow jenkis up a spot. Good plan, get him and Lyle more AB's in the long-term. Didn't think that we would see Ned scramble things. IMO, getting Junior going is the #1 key to the line-up.




(could we steal Mark and bring him back with the club @ the end of this weekend?)

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Too bad Overbay keeps getting intentionally walked. Ginter is 0 for 2 batting behind him with runners on base.


I don't mind...baserunners are baserunners. And eventually Ginter will get ahold of one for a double or homer.


Typically my indicator (very unscientific) for a team that's about to go on a winning streak is doubles and triples. Keeping that in mind, we have 3 doubles and a triple (probably should have been a double and an error) through the first 5 innings.

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