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Success with autographs through the mail?

Has anyone ever had any success with autographs through the mail? I would like to send Jenkins an 8x10 photo I took of him at a game to get signed? Has anyone ever had any luck with him through the mail?
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I've done this with several Tampa Bay Bucs players, and the majority do send them back. (I send them trading cards though, helps with the postage, if they don't send them back, you aren't out much.)

Sometimes it is a wait, but I'm sure your request is thrown on a pile, and when they get to it, they do it...

Make absolute sure you include a self-addressed stamped envelope or postage paid envelope though. If they have to do that part, you can forget it!

"I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!" Ajax - The WARRIORS
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I tried sending Jenkins a card in the mail to autograph earlier this year and it was sent back to me unsigned.


wow, that is lame!



"I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!" Ajax - The WARRIORS
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I to have a sweet Jenks 8x10 that I need to get signed. Im thinking of going down to the players lot the day of the Wednesday Cards game. I dont have tickets for the game, can I park in the MP parking lot for free and then leave after I get some sigs? What time again should I get there for a 7pm start?

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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here are my successes and failures with brewers. (note all players received a baseball card)


Ben Sheets (1 week)

JJ Hardy (1.5 months)

Zack Jackson (1 month)

Corey Hart (5 months)

Failures ( all these players I sent an SASE in Spring training)

Ryan Braun

Jeff Suppan

Fransico Cordero

Rickie Weeks

One of the things that shocked me is I sent Corey Hart a card in spring and I got it back yesterday. I figured once they left Arizonia there was basically no chance they would sign it. Does anybody know if this is normal routine, or is Corey Hart just that nice of a guy? PS. whats even weirder I got it back a week after I changed my user name!

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During the season the mail is sorted and distributed to the players lockers. During the off season, the mail is redirected to the players homes.


In a related topic, here is a great story about a guy who got an auto in the mail...15 years after he sent it out.


Thanks, I figured the mail went something like that.
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Yes, I believe it was a homestand in July, and the funny thing I wasn't even gonna check mail for another two weeks, so I was stunned when I got my bowman rookie signed in blue!

Some more successes:

Mike Mussina ST

Michael Young (photocopied picture)

Lyle Overbay

Dirk Nowitzki (couple months but worth it)

Brandon Stockley (During NFL season)

Brew Crew in 2004 I'd hold off a couple weeks until his finger heals, because no one wants an auto from bEn Sheuts!

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I've sent to a few guys...all of the ones I have listed below are successes with how long it took to get back. I was obviously a huge collector w/through the mail successes. I had a list of a ton of guys home addresses and I sent to many guys via there team etc...I have a few guys who recently died Johnny Unitas most noteable. I got his auto 3 times TTM and he even sent some of his own stuff once! Also, got some guy named Tiger Woods on an 8x10 check the bottom for how long it took to get back to me.


Chris Spielman: 5 Days

Yogi Berra: 6 Days ( Greats Game)

Elroy Hirsch: 6 Days

Mike McCoy: 6 Days

Archie Griffin: 6 Days

Jim Bunning: 6 Days (Greats Game)

Andre Wadsworth: 6 Days

Stan Musial: 7 Days (Greats Game)

Pat Studstill: 7 Days

Don Beebe: 7 Days

Herb Score: 7 Days

Ozzie Newsome: 7 Days

Jim Grabowski: 7 Days

Gino Marchetti: 7 Days

Randy Wright: 7 Days

Gino Cappelletti: 7 Days

Ron Kramer: 7 Days

Al Toon: 7 Days

Sterling Sharpe: 7 Days

Tobin Rote: 7 Days

Roger Craig(2): 8 Days (NFL Greats)

Billy Kilmer: 8 Days (NFL Greats)

Ozzie Newsome(2): 8 Days (UD Legends)

Boyd Dowler(2): 8 Days

Wendell Hayes: 8 Days

Otto Graham: 8 Days

Tom Moore: 8 Days

Wilber Marshall: 8 Days

Ken Stabler: 8 Days

Chuck Bednarik: 9 Days (NFL Greats)

Tom Matte: 9 Days (NFL Greats)

Don Larsen: 9 Days (Greats Game)

Gene Washington: 9 Days

Ken Ellis: 9 Days

Kyle Rote: 9 Days

Gail Goodrich: 9 Days

Bobby Hurley: 9 Days

Ernest Givins: 9 Days

Roger Craig: 9 Days

Tradjon Langdon: 9 days

Ultimate Warrior: 9 Days

Sonny Jurgenson: 9 Days

Frank White: 10 Days

Enos Slaughter: 10 Days (Greats Game)

Howard Ferguson: 10 Days

Lem Barney: 10 Days

John Mackey: 10 Days

Raymond Berry: 10 Days

Nate Archibald: 10 Days

Troy Vincent: 10 Days

Drew Brees: 10 Days

Major Applewhite: 10 Days

Steve Spurrier: 10 Days

Tony Simmons: 10 Days

Bob Cousy(2): 11 Days (NBA Legends)

Elgin Baylor: 11 Days (NBA Legends)

Bill Sharman: 11 Days (NBA Legends)

Dave DeBusschere: 11 Days (NBA Legends)

Sonny Jurgenson: 11 Days (UD Legends)

Johnny Unitas(3): 11 Days (UD Legends)

Otto Graham(3): 11 Days (NFL Greats)

Otto Graham(2): 11 Days (UD Legends)

Ron Cey: 11 days (Greats Game)

Willie McGinest: 11 Days

Maxie Baughan: 11 Days

Phill Epps: 11 Days

Antuan Edwards: 11 Days

George Kell: 12 Days (Greats Game)

Jim Otto: 12 Days (NFL Greats)

Ken Stabler: 12 Days (NFL Greats)

#!*@ Butkus: 12 Days (NFL Greats)

Gino Marchetti: 12 Days (NFL Greats)

Walt Bellamy: 12 Days

Lee Roy Jordan: 12 Days

Brian Jordan: 12 Days

Lynn Dickey: 12 Days

Raymond Berry: 13 Days (NFL Greats)

Dennis Johnson: 13 Days

Eric Crouch: 13 Days

Cecil Cooper: 13 Days

Mike Mussina: 13 Days

Steve Largent: 14 Days (NFL Greats)

Dave Bing: 14 Days

Ron Dayne: 14 Days

Tom Brady: 14 Days

Andre Reed: 14 Days

Ed Brown: 14 Days

Thurman Thomas: 14 Days

Darrell Evans: 15 Days (Greats Game)

Bobby Doerr: 15 Days (Greats Game)

Moose Skowron: 15 Days (Greats Game)

Tom Brady(2): 15 Days

Paul Pressey: 15 Days

Johnny Unitas: 15 Days

Terry Bradshaw: 15 Days

Hulk Hogan: 15 Days

Mitch Kupchak: 16 Days (NBA Legends)

Ken Stabler(2): 16 Days (UD Legends)

Tim Dwight: 16 Days

Chris McIntosh: 16 Days

Lionel Taylor: 16 Days

Larry Bird: 16 Days

Johnny Unitas(2): 16 Days

Earl Campbell: 16 Days

Tim Hardaway: 16 Days

Az Hakim: 16 Days

Terry Bradshaw: 17 Days (NFL Greats)

Thurman Thomas: 17 Days (UD Legends)

Jim Hart: 17 Days

Earl Campbell(2): 17 Days

Jerry West: 17 Days

Paul Warfield: 18 Days (Greats NFL)

Ozzie Newsome: 18 Days (Greats NFL)

Willie Gault: 18 Days

Alan Trammell: 18 Days

Bob Cousy: 18 Days

Sonny Jurgenson: 19 Days (NFL Greats)

Roger Craig(2): 19 Days (UD Legends)

Carroll Dale: 19 Days

Charlie Joiner: 19 Days

Tom Heinsohn: 20 Days (NBA Legends)

Fran Tarkenton: 20 Days

Randy White: 20 Days

Bert Jones: 20 Days

Joe Theismann(2): 20 Days (UD Legends)

Hines Ward: 21 Days

Stephen Davis: 21 Days

Joe Theismann: 21 Days

George Blanda: 21 Days

Archie Manning: 21 Days

Boyd Dowler: 22 Days

Mike Piazza: 22 Days

Joe Theismann: 23 Days (Greats Game)

Christian Okoye: 23 Days

Ben Ogilive: 24 days (Greats Game)

Ernie Stautner: 24 Days

Duce Staley: 24 Days

Rick Barry: 25 Days

Ralph Kiner: 26 Days (Greats Game)

Gale Gillingham: 26 Days

Joe Greene: 27 Days (Greats Game)

Don Shula: 27 Days

James Posey: 27 Days

Rod Woodson: 27 Days

Marion Jones: 28 Days

Jay Novacek: 31 Days (NFL Greats)

Gary Anderson: 31 Days (UD Legends)

Steve Largent: 32 Days

Steve Largent(2): 34 Days (UD Legends)

Greg Norman: 34 Days

Craig Morton: 34 Days

Herschel Walker: 35 Days (Greats NFL)

Charlie Joiner: 37 Days (Greats NFL)

Jim Kelly: 37 Days

Jim Palmer: 38 Days (Greats of Game)

Peyton Manning: 39 Days

Bob Lilly: 40 Days (UD Legends)

George Foreman: 41 Days

Rick Barry(2): 41 Days (NBA Legends)

Preacher Roe: 41 Days (Greats of Game)

Randy White: 45 Days (Greats NFL)

Peyton Manning (2): 46 Days

Greg Landry: 47 Days

Julius Erving (2): 47 Days

Kevin Dyson: 50 Days

Steve Atwater: 52 Days

Marvin Harrison: 53 Days

Willie Randolph: 55 Days

Ben Coates: 56 Days

James Lofton(2): 60 Days (greats NFL)

Brent Jones: 60 Days

Mike Singletary: 61 Days

Ty Law: 65 Days

Mike Ditkas: 68 Days (Greats NFL)

Eric Moulds: 68 Days

Mark Grace: 69 Days

Garrison Hearst: 72 Days

Dan Fouts(2): 80 Days

Brian Winters: 82 Days

Ray Leonard: 87 Days

Jim Harbaugh: 90 Days

Terrell Fletcher : 92 Days

Alex Karras: 96 Days (Greats NFL)

Shuan Alexander: 97 Days

James Lofton: 97 Days

Sugar Ray Leonard (2): 118 Days

Bob McAdoo: 119 Days

James Worthy: 123 Days

Roger Staubach: 166 Days

Lenny Dykstra: 171 Days

Ted Hendricks: 177 Days

Jon Kitna: 184 Days

Dave Robinson: 199 Days

Pat Haden: 209 Days

Jason Terry: 212 Days

Raef Lafrentz: 215 Days

#!*@ Groat: 218 Days

Dale Carter: 219 Days

Dan Fouts: 227 Days

Paul Molitor: 242 Days

Ahman Green: 264 Days

Andre Miller: 267 Days

Elton Brand: 282 Days

Warrick Dunn: 329 Days

Tiger Woods: 376 Days

Shawn Springs: 472 Days

Wesley Snipes: 572 Days

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WOW! I was gonna buy one of those address books of players houses, but I heard they get mad that your violating their personal space. I guess I heard wrong, because that list is very impressive. What percentage would you guesstimate your success rate being bobblehead dude? And one more question did you send to players like Tom Brady and Tiger before they hit it real big or to you just have the magic touch?
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