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Braun to be on Jim Rome


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Mr. Corrola, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent interview were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone that watched this is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
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After watching that interview, don't you sort of get the feeling that we better enjoy Braun while he is here.


You came to that conclusion after watching that interview?


It was a really bad interview, but when I found out Corolla was doing it I pretty much knew it was coming. I'm not going to pile on Adam for this interview, this isn't his thing. Remember when Kent Summerfeld did play by play in Spring Training for the web casts and everyone got on him unreasonably.


I don't know why they couldn't come up with someone better in the LA area to fill in.

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Here's what I remember from the horrific interview:


- Carolla starts off by asking "What are you hitting this year, like .250?" Braun laughs and says "Something like that," while Carolla tries to get Braun to say that baseball is about individual achievement -- Braun does a good job of basically avoiding the question by saying something like "Individual performance is important in helping the team win."

- Carolla claims that the Brewers haven't been to the playoffs since 1983 before getting corrected by his producers in his earpiece that it was 1982, to which Carolla replies "Does it really matter?" Carolla asks Braun something about the diapers he was wearing the last time the Brewers were in the playoffs; Braun politely reminds Carolla that he was yet to be born in 1982.

- Carolla mentions that Braun is from the Los Angeles area, and that Carolla himself is from North Hollywood. Carolla jokes that he and Braun should hang out in the offseason.

- Carolla jokingly asks Braun if he's staying in Milwaukee during the offseason or if he's going back to LA -- Braun handles the question well and answers that he's going back to LA without taking Carolla's bait to mildly diss Milwaukee.

- Carolla tries to make a big deal about how the Brewers are named after beer, and rants about how expansion teams these days couldn't get away with naming their team something related to beer. Braun handles the pseudo-question well and says that the name is pretty cool and agrees that we probably won't see many teams and stadiums named after beer companies. Pretty much a waste of interview time.

- Carolla says something like "You realize I wasn't kidding about hanging out with me in LA, right?" and makes a lame joke about cruising around LA in a convertible with the ROY trophy in the back seat.

- The interview is mercifully ended without any mention from Carolla of any of Braun's teammates, the division race, or really the team in general. Literally a waste of 5 minutes. While Jim Gray is pretty painful while filling in for Jim Rome on TV, at least Gray knows how to interview someone.

"[baseball]'s a stupid game sometimes." -- Ryan Braun


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Braun already knows how to Jeter up an interview by saying a lot of things without actually saying anything.



I don't know why anyone bothers to interview Braun,he says the same nothing things everytime.It's like he has all the canned baseball answers programmed into him and someone pulls a string before each interview.


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Ok everyone is getting on Adam for his interview... for those of us who missed it or haven't seen it, can someone be a bit more descriptive about why he was so bad?


Ok, lets just put it this way. During the "interview" Corrolla told Braun that he is from California too. He asked Braun if they had ever met up in the past, i.e. stood next to each other at the urinals in a mens room or if they shared the same girlfriend. He then proceeded to ask Braun that they should hang out sometime and that they could put Braun's ROY trophy on the hood on Corrollas Bonneville and cruise around for chicks.

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