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2008 Brewers Bobbles!

If the Brewers would say that they have decided to not have SGA on bobbleheads, there would be complaints. If the Brewers have bobblehead giveaways totaling 22 or more, there would be complaints that there are too many.
I don't think anyone is upset that they get free bobbleheads. You gave 2 extreme positions. Many on this board like to collect all of them. While I don't worry about getting a blue and white bobblehead for each one, it still takes a financial effort to collect all 13 retro bobbles and then 5 regular bobbleheads. With the other problem being that eventually they are going to run out of bobbleheads to do or we are going to have a Brian Shouse bobblehead night. Id rather have a couple every year and then they give out other free stuff like what they used to give out at County Stadium (umbrellas, bats, gloves, seat cushions, etc). I never complain though when i go through the turnstiles and get something free though...
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For someone who has just gotten back into financial shape to start attending games and being able to pick the games I go to, I look forward to bobble nights (though I could have done without the 2 Rickie Weeks bobbles that we got on the last day, but I digress). I would like to see some diversity in the giveaways though. The seat cushions were great! Batting helmet nights were always a fan favorite, back in the day. Mini-bats, umbrellas, etc would be a nice way to remember "the good old days" also.
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"It was flying projectile day in Milwaukee today" - Espn


I'm proud to say I still have my ball from that day. Phil Garner came out with microphone in hand and pleaded with fans to stop. The Umps warned that the game would be halted and the Brewers would be credited with a loss. If I remember correctly it all started when Jeromy Burnitz playfully tossed a ball to someone in the stands. Then someone tossed a ball back to Burnitz. He was cool with it and tossed it back. A few innings later someone else tossed a ball at him. Then another. And another. It just snowballed after that. I couldn't believe how many people tossed their ball on the field.


Then again: opening day = lots of idiots in the crowd. I was at opening day in 2000 when WTMJ reported on the scoreboard that Mark Chmura had been arrested for sexual assault of a teen age girl and the place erupted in applause. Stay classy Milwaukee.

20Fry : April 2006 - March 2012
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I need 10 still from this year 9 if my White Hall didn't crack at the knees http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/frown.gif


I also need a bunch from other years as well stupid me for starting so late in this bobble craze.

My plan is to try and get most of them before the first bobble head day of the season. Hoping most people aren't searching ebay during the off season Like I will be.


Maybe if I wasn't as shy as I am I would need only one like BHF http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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Sorry to hijack this topic but here goes ;)

cwber39 my list is as follows. MadtownTim thanks but I already have 2 extra white and a extra retro Weeks I having been trying to trade away for a month. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


2007 Brewers

Cecil Cooper Powder Blue

Prince Fielder Retro

Bill Hall White

Mike Caldwell Powder Blue

Ted Simmons Powder Blue

Gorman Thomas Powder Blue

Ben Oglivie Powder Blue

Pete Vuckovich White

Pete Vuckovich Powder Blue

Don Money Powder Blue

2001-2006 + minor league bobbles

Goeff Jenkins

Bob Uecker

Ben Sheets White

Hank Aaron

Ben Sheets Futures

Jeffrey Hammonds

Paul Molitor Poweder Blue

Mini Racing Bratwurst

Mini Racing Polish Sausage

Mini Racing Italian Sausage

Scott Podsednik White

Scott Podsednik Blue

Gorman Thomas White

Ben Sheets White

Lyle Overbay Blue

Carlos Lee White

Mini Junior Spivey

Mini Ned Yost

Admirals Ben Sheets

Mini Chris Capuano

Damian Miller Retro

Hot Dog "Bobble Dog

Robin Yount Rookie

Altoona Curve Dale Svuem

Indianapolis Indians "Rowdy" Mascot

Beloit Snappers Don Money

High Desert Mavericks "Wooly Bully" Mascot

Beloit Snappers "Snappy" Mascot

Missoula Osprey Lyle Overbay

Indianapolis Indians Ben Sheets

Buffallo Bisons Richie Sexson

Beloit Snappers Prince Fielder

Indianapolis Indians Cecil Cooper

Beloit Snappers "Patriotic Snappy" Mascot

Greenville Braves Hank Aaron

Beloit Snappers Brad Nelson

High Desert Mavericks Brad Nelson

Oklahoma City Redhawks Kevin Mench

Tucson Sidewinders Junior Spivey

Lancaster Jethawks Jim Slaton

Beloit Snappers Tony Gwynn Jr.

Beloit Snappers Rickie Weeks

Beloit Snappers Don Money

Tacoma Rainers Pat Borders

Birmingham Barons Rollie Fingers

High Desert Mavericks J.J. Hardy

Stockton Ports Geoff Jenkins

[Half-Season Ticket Promotion] Frisco Roughriders Laynce Nix

Huntsville Stars Dave Krynzel

Billings Mustangs Rob Dibble

Winston-Salem Warthogs Carlos Lee

9/04/Beloit Snappers B.J. Surhoff

Tulsa Drillers Scott Podsednik

Beloit Snappers "Brewsteer" Mascot

Beloit Snappers Bill Hall

Beloit Snappers Greg Vaughn

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I will send you an email shortly Matt thanks.


As it turns out I gave my blue Caldwell to your son by accident I was going to send two pinstripes but I sent 1 pinstripe and my blue lolz.


Glad I made your son happy though http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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which one?


The blue money


zachlaka--the brewsteer, beloit hall, and beloit vaghn--Hart Of Milwaukee has all those, and I can't speak for him, but I know that he isn't a huge collector of bobbles, and might be willing to trade or sell, I'll tell him to contact you, or just pm him.

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So I just need the blue cooper, gantner, weeks, fielder, hall retro, and yount pinstripes. I got 6 of them in the last week off ebay as future christmas gifts from my dad. I was fortunate to get a blue molitor for 30 including shipping.


I like the list of bobbles, but after this year, I got to be pretty burned out on getting them all. I'm still deciding if I ever want to go after the mini's or just forget about it. I have like 7 of them, any opinions? Do I need a Wes Helms bobblehead?

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