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7-26 Non-Brewers - St Louis Looper vs. Chicago Marquis

I thought since the Brewers have the night off, we can keep track of the Chicago/St. Louis game here.



A. Soriano lf

R. Theriot ss

D. Lee 1b

A. Ramirez 3b

C. Floyd rf

M. Fontenot 2b

J. Jones cf

J. Kendall c

J. Marquis p


D. Eckstein SS

J. Edmonds CF

A. Pujols 1B

C. Duncan LF

J. Encarnacion RF

S. Rolen 3B

Y. Molina C

A. Miles 2B

B. Looper P


Edit: Ugh, guy on third and one out and the Cards fail to bring him home. Not a good start.

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But I thought that when the Brewers lose the Cubs automatically win? Oh wait, that's just what I was told by some posters in the IGT...


Ohhhh, you beat me to it. Judging by the Brewers IGT, it seemed like the Cubs had already won today. People, please step away from the ledge.

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