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07/23/07 Brewers (Capuano) @ Reds (Harang) 6:05pm CT


Woogie where have you gone?!?!


Milwaukee Brewers (55 - 43)

Chris Capuano LHP (5-6, 4.96/1.48)


Milwaukee has lost the past 10 games Capuano has started, although nobody could blame the lefty for the latest defeat. Capuano held the D-backs hitless until the fourth inning and ended up yielding just two earned runs on four hits and two walks in seven innings. In his previous three starts, Capuano had gone 0-1 with a 10.03 ERA.





Cincinnati Reds (41 - 58)

Aaron Harang RHP (10-2, 3.63/1.22)


Harang had to settle for a no-decision against the Braves on Wednesday after giving up two earned runs and 10 hits over 7 2/3 innings with two walks and eight strikeouts. Cincinnati won the game, 5-4, in 15 innings. The right-hander returned home to San Diego after the start for a bereavement leave because of the death of his grandfather. He was expected to be back to make this start.


Radio: 620 WTMJ.

TV: FSN (642 DTV, 31 TWC Mke)

 [hr][b]NL Central Standings[/b] Milwaukee &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 55&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 43&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Chicago &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 51&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 46&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 3.5 St. Louis &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 45&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 50&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 8.5 Houston &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 42&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 56&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 13 Pittsburgh &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 41&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 56&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 13.5 Cincinnati &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 41&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 58&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 14.5 

NL Central Activity

Dodgers (55-44) @ Astros (42-56) 7:05pm CT

Cubs - Inactive

Pirates - Inactive

Cards - Inactive


Series Probables

7/24 - Gallardo RHP (2-1,2.34/1.01) v. Belisle RHP (5-6, 5.13/1.43 )

7/25 - Suppan RHP (8-8, 4.92/1.52 ) v. Lohse RHP (5-12, 4.71/1.36)

7/26 - Bush RHP (8-8, 4.83/1.31 ) vs. Livingston LHP (2-1,3.52/1.61)

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I'd expect to see Mench in the line up. I'm not good at pretty graphics, and there's no easy way to make tables with ezcode to post splits. But...


Mench with 7 ABs carrier vs. Harang is batting... .714/.714/1.286 or an ops of 2.000 what the...



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no weeks tonight, per jsonline


CF Corey Hart

SS J.J. Hardy

3B Ryan Braun

1B Prince Fielder

C Johnny Estrada

LF Geoff Jenkins

RF Kevin Mench

2B Craig Counsell

LHP Chris Capuano


Edit: Sorry, I couldn't keep looking at that "Rick Braun" without developing a facial tic. Thanks for posting the lineup. - hawing

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Weeks is not going to get on a roll sitting. If his wrist is so sore he can't play 3 days in a row, they need to go out and get an everyday 2B.


I think this is part of the "benching", not the wrist injury. It seems he has started against lefties, and sat against righties. I don't agree with it, he needs to play to get into a rhythm, but whatcanyado.

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Why is Mench playing against the right hander Harang instead of Gwynn. As far as I could find, Mench doesn't have an at bat against Harang, so it's not like he has a history of hitting well against him.

And the Weeks situation is a bit uncertain at the moment. A few days ago he was going to be benched, then he plays and is put in the leadoff spot to shake things up yesterday. It actually works, so what does Ned do the following day, go back to the lineup that has been slumping and bat Mench against a right hander. And wasn't Hart put in the 6th spot in the lineup to have someone who can drive in runs in that spot.

Which of course all means the Brewers will probably score a ton of runs today. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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Okay, I see. For whatever reason when I checked out Kevin Mench stats on the ESPN Web site, they didn't have any at bats listed against Harang, but when I looked up Harang, they had the stats against Mench.
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Does Ryan Braun have a twin brother named Rick who has a Goatee and can play corner outfield? The picture of Harang indicates that he holds the ball in the wrong hand to make Mench playing a good idea.
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Before seeing Mench's numbers I was thinking the best guy to be in RF tonight would be Gross. I thought sending Gross down to get some AB's was a good idea, but wouldn't he be a better option in the small Cincy park than Gwynn? Also, don't we lose Gwynn this weekend for Hall of Fame? Does he go down with Hall activated Wednesday?
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I disagree that Weeks should start tonight. Yost is trying to build his confidence, and Harang is nasty and his slider would likely give Weeks major problems. I'm not all that excited about Weeks' recent production. He still hasn't really hit a ball hard in the last month. When I see a line drive to the gap I will start believing. Yes, he is walking again, but probably only because the scouting report said don't throw him a strike...and Rickie caught on.
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I think that's right on, Patrick. Though it will be a few days after the doubleheader before Gross reaches 10 days in AAA, but still in time for Parra to make his next start down there on normal rest.
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