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5/18/07 Twins (Bonser) @ Brewers (Capuano) : 7:05 PM CDT



















































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Beat the Twinkies!

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Yay Home game! So I'm in Kansas, I have streaming audio but I have absolutely nothing to do besides listen. Who "real time" and how good does mlb.tv look? It worth spending the 14 or whatever bucks for a month just to get me through this week?


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It'll be the fourth time for me at the Keg. Home team is 3-0 when I'm there(2-0 Crew, 1-0 Indians). Last time I was there Cappy pitched into the 9th. I'm hoping for a repeat performance.



I just cannot respect anybody who likes being called 'Boof'.

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I'll be at Wrigley today, hopefully the White Sox will crush the cubs quickly so i can make it to a bar in time to watch the brewers game. BTW, if anybody else is at the game and sees a big guy with a Brewers hat on, and a skinny guy with a Mark Prior jersey /w a sling on his arm(his idea, but i love it), say hi!

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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Lets take this series guys.... Friday Night at Miller Park... what could be any better? Place is going to be rocking tonight....


Oh....plus we get my FAVORITE Brewer of all time with a Paul Molitor bobble head...Awesome.

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Home Sweet Home! Back at old MP. Would be very nice and fullfilling to win the first game of this series. Hopefully Cappy is not Cappy in New York on Sunday, but rather the Cappy in all of his other starts. Should be interesting to see what Ned does with the lineup tonight. Jenks in LF Hall in CF but who in RF? Either Gross or Gwynn will be fine with me.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Can you say Boof on the board? Seems questionable like "Smooth as a Taihitian Pearl". BOOF YOU!


In other news, the mighty Cirillo returns to Miller. May he be greeted with an equally mighty ovation. If anyone boos Cirillo they should be thrown from Bernie's terrace.

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Didn't he just have knee surgery...?


Nope hes healthy. Saw an AB for him against the Tribe when ESPN was showing random games during the Sox vs Tigers rain out on Wednesday.


If I was going I would give Cirillo such a huge ovation. I cant see anyone booing Jeff. Although I didn't think Carlos would get as many boos as he got. But very different situations.


Like Jenks Rillo will always hold a special spot in my Milwaukee baseball heart for his play for some very cruddy Brewer teams in the mid to late 90's.


Edit: Jenkins and Cirillo were the Brewers during those years.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Yep. He's back to healthy now: Per CBSSportsline.Com:


Twins DH Jeff Cirillo on Wednesday got his first start in a month after recovering from knee surgery. Cirillo hit .413 against lefties last season but is not a bad hitter against right-handed pitchers, plus manager Ron Gardenhire wants to get him at-bats to get his timing down and his swing sharp.


Good to hear.

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Making my second trip up to the Keg this weekend for the Friday and Saturday games. First time for a Brewers game (went to the first Indians game in April). REALLY excited to see Cirillo, had totally forgotten that he was back. Hopefully Cappy dominates and we can continue the winning.
"I wish him the best. I hope he finds peace and happiness in his life and is able to enjoy his life. I wish him the best." - Ryan Braun on Kirk Gibson 6/17/14
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I really hope Ned tinkers with the lineup a lil bit. I think Hall needs to get out of the 4th spot. Maybe move him down to 5. I hope he does this and Billy can really break out tonight. If he can catch some fire we are going to be in great shape.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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I'd completely forgotten that Jeff Cirillo ought to be in the house. I'll cheer extra for those of you who can't attend.


Though if it's 'Rillo vs. Cordero in the 9th...sorry, Jeff. But I don't think having Jeff bite us in the rear would be as vexing as, say, Victor Santos or Wes Helms.


(I'd even forgotten that Fridays are retro nights until eyeing wOOgiE's retro graphics. But the semester's almost over; I expect to be more on the ball after this.)


If you're in the vicinity of terrace box 417 tonight, feel free to say hey. We're on the aisle of either row 5 or 6.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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Verified Member
I thought this was "natural rivalry" weekend and that the Royals and Cardinals were natural rivals. Why are the Cardinals playing the Tigers? (not that there's anything wrong with that...)
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