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If you are bored at all, I just created a new blog on the Brewers


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I will post daily if not more on things happening with the Crew. Please understand I am also writing this for my journalism class. Any comments that you guys can make would be helpful in displaying interest in the blog. Believe me, it will just as interesting as Tom Hardicourt's stuff minus the interviews.
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If you're doing this for a journalism class and in hopes of having a career in the future, treat it more like you would an article you're writing to run in the paper. Don't just tell me the bullpen is doing bad, give me stats. When you get your info from somewhere else, link back to it, don't just tell us that you got it there. Remember that pictures help.


A couple of rules of thumb are that people all have their own opinions and don't really care about yours. You have to give them a reason to come back and see what you're saying. Your thoughts may be very interesting, but you need to give insight. Right now you're posting things you'd see in a thread here. Short and to the point opinion isn't going to get you readers. Also, do your research. People are lazy. They don't want to have to go look for stats, they want someone to do that for them. Link. Link. Link. Don't be someone who only reposts other people's stuff or link dumps, but if you find something obscure or in a place that maybe lots of Brewers fans don't normally frequent, link to it. This goes to the laziness thing again. If I have 5 minutes in my day, make me want to come to your site to get the info I want: Links to the best info from the day. Insightful comments. Good analysis. Up-to-date info.


Remember that other people ARE reading this. It reflects on you. It's the same as having clips in a folder. If you wouldn't submit it for publication, don't post it online. Blogs can make someone who wants to be a journalist lazy. Spell and grammar check. Don't throw out unsupported info. Cite your sources.

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