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Your superstitions....


We all have them... Just thought it'd be fun to re-visit (since I know this has been brought up before)

what everyone does to 'help' the team win.


I myself will change which hat I wear to work after two losses.

You knew me as Myday2001.

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You must be pretty well groomed.



I get to wear the same socks today. I'm also hoping to grow a beard. Please Brewers, make it happen. Even though beards are annoying.

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There have been some games where something good happens every time I walk out of the room, and they suck when I'm in the room. So I turn up the volume in my room and listen while I do some work in the living room.

If I had Braun's pee in my fridge I'd tell everybody.


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Dating back to '04, every time I purchased merchandise with a Brewers logo on it, the season took a serious nosedive. You can blame those collapses on me.


This season, I will not purchase any Brewers merchandise. At all.

Would you be willing to consider purchasing Cubs merchandise? Anyone want to donate to outfitting FPC with some Cubs gear if it will help assure their collapse this season?

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