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Joakim Noah arrested


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When I saw he had an open container of alcohol as well I thought it meant while driving, so at least he wasn't in a vehicle so it could've been a lot worse. Like others have said in a different thread I'm sure a big majority of NBA players smoke pot, he just happened to be dumb enough to have it on him in public.

My favorite story is when Damon Stoudamire got busted with it in an airport because he had it wrapped in aluminum foil and went through the metal detector...genius.

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Like I said. He's -trying- too hard. To be weird/offbeat/"funny"/ironic/who the heck knows. It seems to be a generational thing.


I respect everyone's desire to be "different". When you act like it's all a pose, though, it just makes you look like a desperate-for-attention loser.

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