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Former Brewer Geremi Gonzalez Killed By Lightning


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Ouch. I was driving home from work one day in a T-storm and went through a big puddle. A white flash went all around my car and all I could see was light for a fraction of a second. The power on my car (digital display) was shut off for half a second as well.. was pretty freaky.
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Ouch. That's really terrible, I feel bad as well.


The meteorologist will now remind everyone of the 30/30 rule:


30/30 Rule

The first 30 means if, between flash and bang, you count to 30 or less, you are in danger and should go to safe shelter.

The second 30 means wait 30 minutes from the last flash or thunder to establish "all clear."




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42 years ago this summer, a golfer and a caddy (who was my age and who I was acquainted with) were killed instantly by the same bolt on the South Hills Country Club course in Fond du Lac. Any time I'm on a golf course or even outside with lightning in the area the thought of that incident comes to mind as if it were yesterday.


Believe me it can happen.

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