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I'm pretty new to OOTP, I've only simmed through 5 different seasons now in 3 different games. I just downloaded and installed 9, I just started a new game with Milwaukee of course and the only thing that really stands out is the minor league system, it will probably take me all night tomorrow to get the player ratings and teams correct to start with. That's been my biggest headache thus far with the game, trying to get the prospects correct.

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OOTP Developments gave me a free license so I could review it as well ... They're going to release another update this week, so I'll download it the and I'm sure play the hell out of it .... I'll report back for a review.
Well, did you like it?? You got the free license when they asked the beta testers for sites to give it to, I said "Brewerfan.net". http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif
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I've been using 9 for a week + now, but only as a participant in someone's league. I can't speak for the 'commisioner-y' features, but... so far so good from the GM angle. It's cool imo that you don't have to download a separate league file (updates are done in-game), but my only experience was with OOTP 6.5 & the no-file aspect may well have been around before v.9
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I am enjoying the heck out of this game. Having never paid attention to how the brewers handle their low/mid minors, I do have some questions:


How do you handle the influx of players after the draft? How quickly do those low minors guys move up? What is a good rule of thumb of when to move a guy up, when to let a guy stay at a level, and when to cut ties with a player? Is there a quick/easy way to evaluate players to get this stuff done? Is my higherarchy of difficulty below correct?





brevard county (thanks Ry)

WVP (now Appleton)


AZ Brewers


I'm doing OK with prospects I know (although some inexplicably suck in this game); but I may have permanently screwed up everything below AA, and that will hurt me down the line.

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