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04/25/2006 Braves (Hudson) @ Brewers (Ohka) 7:05 CST


Tim Hudson - (1-1, 6.08)



Hudson's Splits vs. Milwaukee


Hudson displayed much better control and a sharp slider on Wednesday while going the distance and limiting the Mets to one run and three hits. The veteran right-hander, who lasted four innings in both of his first two starts, appears to be rounding into form. He's issued just three walks in his past 15 2/3 innings after he totaled six walks in his first eight innings of the season. In his only start against the Brewers last year, he allowed two earned runs and notched one of the 19 complete games that he's recorded in his career.





Tomo Ohka - (1-1, 4.09)



Ohka's Splits vs. Atlanta


Ohka struggled with command in his last start, against the Reds, but was missing down in the zone or it could have been much worse. He surrendered six runs but only four of them were earned in four innings of work, and blew a four-run lead in an eventual Brewers loss.


Media Coverage

TV - FSN North

Radio - AM 620 WTMJ

Online - MLB.com Gameday, ESPN.com GameCast


Atlanta Braves Coverage


Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Game Info

Yahoo.com Game Preview



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I am fortunate enough to be going to the game tonight with tickets I got from Pedro (username) he had left over. Once I finally found his house in that subdivision he resides in I was the proud owner of 300 level tickets which I'll be sharing. I'm currently 3-1 and since it's the club level, hopefully there won't be any more drunken foolishness all around me.

Maybe I outta stop and get a kazoo before the game?

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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weeks, gross, jenkins. 3 Ks right off the bat. Money.


As for the number of starting lineups.

Gotta keep the players on their toes. Just throw darts at their names on the old dart board to see who starts. They'd probably score just as many runs.

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worst. camera. work. ever. by the Brewers Fox sportsnet TV people



Unfortunately I have to agree with them. I'm used to it as I have no other choice, but for people used to TBS or ESPN I'm sure the difference is obvious. I was at the game, so I didn't see last nights broadcast. However a couple of instances off the top of my head :


1. Carlos Lee's homer off the train tracks at Minute Maid Park. Instead of zooming out and following the flight of the ball, They just zoomed in on the stands in left and waited for the ball to land somewhere. It never did. What's worse, all the other camera angles did the same thing. So we had to take Darren's word for it, as even the replays never showed the Home run.


2. After a throwing Error by Weeks against the Mets, we get a prolonged camera shot of Weeks standing at his position while Darren and Bill discuss his defensive abilities. Meanwhile, in the background we hear David Wright's bat make contact and the camera switches over just in time to see the ball drop in for a single. We never did see Ohka's pitch or Wright's swing. Not even a replay.


I'm sure if I kept a running log of poor game production, there's more. You just don't see anything like that happen on ESPN or TBS.


As for tonight's game, let's hope Ohka sticks to his pattern of good start, bad start. that would mean tonight we get the good Ohka.

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jamie, I most likely will also be enjoying club seats for this evenings game. section 325 maybe? Hmm, I cant remember as they were given to me and I dont have them on me. However, if I cant get my work done my 5 I wont be able to go at all.
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Regarding the camera work,


That first example, of Carlos Lee's home run, is the fault of the camera guys. It is their job to follow the ball. Perhaps they all lost track of it. Who knows.


The second example is the fault of the director, who sits in front of a bank of screens and chooses which angle to show the live feed. Hopefully, the director has enough experience to cut away from a cameraman's feed when -say- he loses track of Carlos Lee's home run, and also enough experience to cut to the action when the action is happening and not linger on static shots that don't advance the game.


So, essentially, whoever directs the game feeds is the person who needs to be gently reminded to get better.

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Ohka's last four starts

 Date OPP W L SV IP ER BBA SO 04/05 PIT 0 0 0 7.0 1 1 2 04/10 STL 0 1 0 4.0 4 4 2 04/15 NYM 1 0 0 7.0 1 2 5 04/20 CIN 0 0 0 4.0 4 4 3 

See a pattern? Hopefully this continues tonight.


I've been at the home games that Ohka has started at home and listened to the other two starts on the radio, so I am clueless to this kazoo talk that Darron Sutton brought up, anyone want to enlighten me?

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since it's the club level, hopefully there won't be any more drunken foolishness all around me.


I have never seen drunken idiots in the club level before(not saying they aren't there, just saying i have yet to see them). BTW, enjoy the supreme nachos up there. They are HUGE, and they rock, oh so hard.

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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speaking of the club section, my parents have a 20 game season ticket plan in the club section, anyway they got a invention to sit in a lux box for a game,(4 seats) all they had to do was pick from 20 dates and one of those dates is when i am up to milwaukee. did anyone else get this in the mail.
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