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Lieberthal, Ohka, Foulke, Weathers...today's rumors

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Sandwich picks are based upon the player's rating.


According to the old system (and colby), that's not true, unless it was specifically changed in the new CBA:


as long as the compensatory pick system in the sandwich round remains the same (meaning the worst teams get the highest pick, cycling through all of the teams one-by-one before starting over again for teams with mulitple comp picks), the Brewers could get the 5th pick in the sandwich long assuming Type B free agent Tomo Ohka signs elsewhere....


So, as long as these rules haven't changed, the Brewers could be looking at the 7th and the 35th overall picks next June, and exciting situation that we haven't seen the Brewers have in quite some time.

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In Keith Law's ESPN blog he went through the new Free Agent compensation process. The key quote:


The picks in the sandwich round are ordered by the Elias ratings on the free agents, so a club that lost the top-rated free agent to sign with a new club (currently San Francisco for Moises Alou) gets the first pick in that supplemental round.


Law also said that 2nd round picks are likely going to be poor this year because they could easily end up being the 100th person chosen due to a large supplemental round which will shrink somewhat in the future as the amount of players eligible for compensation shrinks next season.

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