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Nick Markakis

I know, this is going out there a bit. But a great prospect for who? Who can we give up to get him? He plays left, and we could dump Mench off because Markakis would be cheap. I say go for him. Maybe, JUST MAYBE trade *I know youre going to hate this* But Sheets. Pay for some of his salary, Sheets has what 2 more years? if we pay half and get a great prospect who played a great year this year who is ALSO good at defense. And Trade Jenkins for a #5 pitcher. SO we could have a lineup like.

1. Weeks - 2nd base

2. Markakis - Left

3. Fielder - 1st

4. Hall - 3B

5. Clark/Gwynn- CF

6. Hart- Right

7. Hardy - SS

8. Miller/Rivera - C




1. Cappy

2. Davis

3. Bush

4. C-Vill

5. Jeff Francis??? I say we could possibly get him, how many years does he have left? Hes on his 3rd year posting his best numbers yet, and highest innings. AND he pitches in a pitchers ballpark.

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Peter Angelos would rather trade Miggy Tejada than Nick Markakis. Does no one remember how much pride he took in the fact that Nick is Greek, much like himself? Nick the Greek!!! Anyway, going nowhere, much like Ben Sheets. As for Francis, you would imagine a certain GM would also be guilty of pride if he were to be able to bring the Canadian to the confines of Brew-dom, where real beer is found. Seriously, if this were to happen, I'd be...amazed...ecstatic...DRUNK!
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Forgot to add Sheets has a full no trade clause through 2007 and can only be traded to 8 teams in 2008 so this deal is impossible...as are all other Sheets deals this year and most next year.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif
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also, wasn't Markakis a player that the Orioles really didn't hold all that highly (not highly touted) and just made the most of his opportunity? If so, I'd be very averse to trading a Ben Sheets for a guy who played well for one year and could slump back down to nothing next year.


And why on earth would the Rockies trade Jeff Francis? They finally got some good pitching in the upper atmosphere known as Denver. Why, after so many years of futility in the starting pitching department, would they want to dismantle that pitching?

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