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Woot-Off Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!OMG1!!


Anyone else get the newsletter?


"We have a ridiculously busy week ahead of us, with a ton of work to do between now and Thursday. So we're gonna leave you with this: make sure you get lots of rest and there's plenty of room on your credit card. You never know when you might need it."


Edit: For flair. - Toby

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what is a woot off in this context? (I assume you are talking about woot.com.)


You are correct, a normal woot is one per night, then when it sells out, it's done. A woot off is a constant stream of products for usually well over 24 hours(longest i can remember is around 72). So much stuff, so great. And if this is true, for the 5th straight time, the woot off starts on my 2 days off. That's a happy BB4L, but a sad AmEx.

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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so, how reliable is woot? I'm intrigued, but does the stuff actually come undamaged in the mail? Is it what it's supposed to be and does it work? Is card information secure? I'm just looking for a little reassurance.
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Shipping has always been fine for me. I'd imagine it's no less secure than amazon or other online retailers.


Joe, a big part of the fun of Woot is that there's things you'd never buy, but at $20, they just are too good to pass up. Got some external speakers recently that are really nice.

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[ I guess I never really figured out what a Woot off is all about...can someone give a lowdown? How can I tell what's available? ]


Woot.com is a site that normally sells one item per day. Usually the price is way below where you'll find it somewhere else. Once they run out of stock, the sale is over for the day.


In a woot off, once they run out of stock, they immediately put another item online. This can last for several days.


The "shtick" is that you don't know what item's available until you look and see.

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