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2012-10-03 Padres (Werner) at Brewers (Stinson), 7:10 PM CDT [Stinson's first MLB start, Brewers lose, 7-6]

[igt-2012][game-setup][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2012/logos/padres.png[/logo][game-info][h1]October 03 | 7:10 P.M.[/h1][h2]Padres (75-86) | Brewers (83-78)[/h2][h3]FSWI | WTMJ 620[/h3][/game-info][logo]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2012/logos/brewers.png[/logo][/game-setup][pitching-photos]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2012/pitchers/padres/werner-01.jpghttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/20589901/BrewerFan/2012/pitchers/brewers/stinson-01.jpg[/pitching-photos][game-matchup][divclass=away][h2]2-3, 4.78 ERA, 1.35 WHIP[/h2][h3]Versus Brewers | Game Log[/h3][h3]The rookie allowed three runs on eight hits over 4 2/3 innings in his sixth start in the Majors. He has surrendered a total of eight earned runs in his last two starts[/h3][/divclass][divclass=home][h2]0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1.31 WHIP[/h2][h3]Versus Padres | Game Log[/h3][h3]Stinson will make his first Major League start after the Brewers decided workhorse Yovani Gallardo had thrown enough innings in 2012. Stinson has working relief this month, so he might be capped at around 50 pitches.[/h3][/divclass][starting-lineup][divclass=away]

  1. SS Everth Cabrera
  2. RF Will Venable
  3. 3B Chase Headley
  4. C Yasmani Grandal
  5. 1B Yonder Alonso
  6. LF Chris Denorfia
  7. CF Cameron Maybin
  8. 2B Andy Parrino
  9. LHP Andrew Werner


  1. RF Norichika Aoki
  2. 2B Rickie Weeks
  3. LF Ryan Braun
  4. 3B Aramis Ramirez
  5. C Jonathan Lucroy
  6. CF Carlos Gomez
  7. B Travis Ishikawa
  8. SS Jean Segura
  9. RHP Josh Stinson

[/divclass][/starting-lineup][/game-matchup][game-links][h3][chat]BrewerFan Chat[/chat] | MLB Gameday[/h3][/game-links][/igt-2012]

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After 'covering' the Stars for this season's Link Report, I definitely had the assumption that Stinson was another upper-80s/low-90s sinkerballer. That was exclusively due to his journeyman MiLB stats prior to 2012 and the fact that he didn't get promoted to Nashville despite being a strong performer all season at Huntsville.


I was very pleasantly surprised to see him working with a sinker around 94 mph in his first MLB game this season. Looking forward to seeing how he fares tonight. I'm guessing he'll be yet another arm in the Nashville rotation that'll add to the SP depth for 2013.

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I hope that is the last we see of Loe in a Brewers uniform...


On his way out the door, he also ruined Braun's shot at the RBI crown if Braun can't come up big here sometime in the last 4 innings... Of course, the fact that Loe was even in the game to screw it up for Braun is another issue all together.

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The one silver lining to tonight's bullpen overuse caused by scratching Gallardo (which seems more like 1-game protection, not really 2-year workload, however logical their rationale) is this:


Roenicke at least didn't put Livan Hernandez out there.


Point? At least they used a bunch of over-used arms which have been pretty productive for the most part (Loe aside), not the most worthless one who's shown no skill at all lately in getting anyone out without giving up exponentially more runs before getting pulled.

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I went to the game last night and it was good to see Stinson pitch well again in his limited playing time. Still a little perplexed with bringing him up after seeing some of his numbers in the minors but maybe he could be their long man at some point in the future, certainly can't be much worse than Hernandez or Dillard was this year.
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Does anyone know who the players were last night that were giving stuff (hats,balls,a couple underarmour shirts) away? I was up in the Loge Level and couldnt really see from where I was at,but it didnt seem to be any of the regulars. It was a fun (mostly) ride this year that fell just a bit short. On a side note, I *think* I saw Maldy (or someone similar in appearance) at the airport this morning.
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