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My pilgrimage to MP last Saturday, 7/14/07


Although I'm a born-and-bred New Yorker and don't know anyone in Milwaukee, I've been a die-hard Crew fan for about 8 years now. I even ran a forum game here on BF.net a few years ago. For this past Christmas, my brother (also an East Coaster, but not a Brewer fan) said he would foot the bill for a trip for both of us to catch a game up at Miller Park! BEST BROTHER EVER.


The game is this Saturday (7/14) vs. the Rockies; we got our tix, the flight and hotel are booked... now all I really wanna know is... who here's tailgating that day? Can we crash your party? If we're gonna make the trip half way across the country just to catch a baseball game, we thought it'd be great to get the full MP experience.


Just a quick bit about me... My favorite 3 current Brewers are Jenks, Big Ben, and Prince, my favorite 3 past Brewers are Branyan, Deer and Bob Hamelin (yeah really)... I believe in OPS, closer by committee, and of course, 3TO. And I'm the creator of the official online game of Strat-O-Matic Baseball.


So if any of you're planning to break out the grill and coolers in the lot and would like to hang out with a couple of friendly, down-to-earth stat-heads, please let me know. We'll bring some beer, or brats, or whatever you want. Multiple responses welcome!




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I will be at MP on Saturday. Myself, about 12 cousins/friends, and a few more family members will be tailgating starting a little after 3:00. I'm sure we will be parking in the general parking lot on the north side of the freeway (There will be a bunch of balloons on a few of our cars). Everyone in our group will be bringing their own food and drinks(Beer), and there will also be some tailgating games going on as well (bean bag toss, ladder golf, etc).


To go along with what u said, my favorite Brewers are Jenks, JJ, Sheets, Prince, and Shouse (lol)

Many of us are very into Brewers baseball, and I always hanging out with knowledgable fans. I'm 23, and my friends and cousins will range from 21 to 28. If you are interested in stopping by for a bit or hanging out till gametime (I never miss a pitch), let me know and I'll let you know how to get a hold of me.

Either way, have an awesome time - the weather should be great, and hopefully Suppan will get back on track and get the 2nd half off to a great start!



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theres a block party pretty close to the stadium that morning


I just followed that link, and wow, I didn't realize that players were appearing at these things! I suppose they wouldn't make a road trip over to Madison.


As for this weekend, we're going on Sunday too. But have a great time, bernieh.


Edit: And the scheduled player appearances on Saturday - JJ, Corey, CV and Yo - that's like a hawing dream come true. Man, oh man.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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When I went to Shea in May, I ran across a born and bred New Yorker who had converted to a Brewer fan after having been a Yankee fan. How many of you are there? Or were you in section 141 on May 12th?


I'll be at Sunday's game, and if you can make Sunday's game too, you're more than welcome to crash my tailgate. It will be small, but I'll spot you brats and beer.


If nobody offers to let you join your tailgate, my brother is going to Saturday's game, and I'll make him host you. (I'm the WORST brother ever.)


Edit: OK, I have to retract the offer on behalf of my brother who is taking a girl on an early stage date. If you leave late enough on Sunday, you are welcome to my very, very modest tailgating fesitivities.

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Looks like Menotti80 is your best bet.


Enjoy your stay!


I have to ask, thinking back of how our club was 8 years ago, what made you convert to the Crew?

I mean our team stunk back then. LOL.

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Hey thanks for the hospitality guys. I had no doubt I was comin' to the right place.


Menotti80, thanks a ton for the invite! I'm gonna send you a private message with my email address. It'd be great if you could either PM or email me back with your cell phone # so I can get in touch with you.


And Brewsinga2, holy mackerel, thanks for the heads up about the block party. Pretty awesome luck that it's happening the one day I'm in town. We'll be there!


(BrewCrewRising) When I went to Shea in May, I ran across a born and bred New Yorker who had converted to a Brewer fan after having been a Yankee fan. How many of you are there? Or were you in section 141 on May 12th?


Get outta here, I thought I was the only one in the universe. Indeed I grew up as a die-hard Yankee fan, and at the turn of the century I kinda got bored with their insane spending. It wasn't a conscious decision, but my heart eventually left the Bronx and found its way towards Milwaukee; the only possible explanation for it was I had a lot of Brewers on my Strat-O-Matic teams (Jaha, Nilsson, Seitzer, Listach, Valentin, Burnitz, etc.). I just never expected to get THIS attached to the Crew. ... and I guess that answers jhart05's question too.


So I guess here's my 3 follow-up questions:


1. Where's a good bar or place to hang out after a fine Brewers win? It'll be only 9 or so when the game's over.


2. What should we do for the few hours between the block party and Menotti80's wild tailgater?


3. Where's a good place to buy Brewers swag?


Thanks again...

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1. Where's a good bar or place to hang out after a fine Brewers win? It'll be only 9 or so when the game's over.


There are a bunch of places to go, you can go to a bar that is close to Miller Park, on National Ave, the 4th Base is a classic bar and worth a drink. You can also check out the bars on Bluemound Road, Kelly's Bleachers (gets a little crazy after games), Long Wong's, Derry's (an older crowd), or Saz's which is about two miles from Miller Park. All of these places offer a shuttle back from Miller Park, so from there you can take a cab to your hotel.


I'd also suggest checking out Water St, which is downtown, that is a nice area, and also Milwaukee & Wisconsin Ave, is a cool area.


2. What should we do for the few hours between the block party and Menotti80's wild tailgater?


I'd suggest checking out Bastille Days, which is currently running this weekend, it is downtown Milwaukee, they'll have a few bands and a number of restaurants will have tents down there. Here is some more info:


Bastille Days


. Where's a good place to buy Brewers swag?


You can buy a lot of great stuff right at Miller Park, in the Clubhouse Store, but another great spot is the MLB Clubhouse at Brookfield Square, which is off of I-94, about five miles west of Miller Park. This used to be the Brewers Clubhouse, but last year the Brewers ended their relationship with them, but they still carry a ton of Brewers gear.


I'll see you at the game Bernie!



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For after the game, it depends on where you're staying and what kind of atmosphere you want. For my money, Brady Street offers the best variety. Some bars that are loungish, some holes in the wall, a blues bar, some "younger" crowd hangouts. And if that doesn't suit you, you can grab a quick ride up to North Ave and there's a decent variety of bar types there, including more sports orientated bars like BBC and Hooligan's.





Bastille Days is a good call too.

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Guys, thanks to all of you for all the help and advice, and especially to Menotti80 and his clan for having us at their tailgater. Everyone I met everywhere in Milwaukee was SO. RIDICULOUSLY. FRIENDLY. Hats off to you and your great city. And to the Crew, for doing as they're told and winning the game.


Here's some of my pics (click each one to get a bigger view). I'm the Asian guy; I did my best while I was there to convince Yi Jianlian to stay and play for the Bucks...



Brewers Block Party


Thanks again to Brewsinga2 for tipping us off to the block party. It was cool being like 10 feet away from all the players, but all I wanted was some beer and brats and there was NEITHER there. There was a mile-long line for hot dogs, but we heard they'd already run out. At least I got some decent pics...



Bill introduces the guys



Actual exchange:

M.C.: "Any more questions? Doesn't anyone wanna ask if Gallardo is single?"

Girl: "J.J., are you single?"



Corey: You must be this tall to go out with me



Actual Q: "Johnny, what made you want to become a catcher?"

Actual A: "I was too fat and slow to be anything else"



I was so hungry I almost took a bite outta one of these guys



Me n' Bill



The Game

Miller Park is gorgeous. The retractable roof was open, and the weather was perfect. We had 4th row seats, and if we wanted to we could've spit on the players in the Rockies' on-deck circle.


This is the game where Rodrigo Lopez no-hit us for 5.2 innings, but we pulled it out at the end with Graffy's walkoff bloop in the 10th.



There's no cheerleaders in baseball!?

These were Miller-sponsored; not sure what they were doing there before the game, or why we can't have 'em on the dugout during the game.



Meeting my namesake


And here's the video of Graffy's walkoff single. I'm the one filming this. You can see: 1) me high-five my brother on my right (he's wearing the foam finger I'd bought), 2) me high-five the random guy on my left, 3) a guy hold up his kid in triumph, 4) me yell at the kids sitting 2 and 3 seats to my left, and 5) the left side of my body, as it would look if you were passed out on the floor.


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Yeah, nice pictures. I didn't realize so many players were going to these block parties.


Mench looks like an even bigger goofball in a casual situation than he does on the baseball diamond.

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