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Korean 3B Jae-gyun Hwang

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Speculation that the KBO will post SS/3B Jae-gyun Hwang after the season. With the success of Kang in Pittsburgh, teams will likely be more open to Korean players.




Hwang's stats: http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=hwang-001jae


Just turned 28, has 22 HR and a .302 BA so far. Those are good - not great - numbers for the KBO.


Just an idea.

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I was a huge proponent for signing Kang last year and he's certainly proven to be an above average hitter so far. The comparison I used was Hee Seop Choi who played a fair amount in MLB and KBO.


Kang KBO - .886 OPS

Choi KBO - .868 OPS


Kang MLB - .809 OPS

Choi MLB - .786 OPS


Hwang has a .761 career OPS and about .900 the last 2 seasons. Based off of numbers alone I would think an .800 MLB OPS wouldn't be out of the for him. I'd be all for taking a shot at him. Kang won't be paid over $3M in a season unless they pick up his option. I'd take a chance on Hwang for $5-6M a year.

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Here, here is the Free Agent signing for this offseason. I just want to say. I'm thinking the Brewers are in for a quick retool back to competitiveness. The team is possessing a lot of talented pitching to plug in to the lineup. Nelson, Jungmann, Peralta, Davies, Lopez, Devin Williams, Cody Ponce, Victor Diaz, Marcos Diplan, Josh Hader, Kodi Medeiros. oh and Nathan Kirby but that's a project now. Yes maybe not Aces, but how about becoming #2s? Ponce and Medeiros I think are types who will have quick rises to the Majors. I wouldn't be surprised if Ponce made on the ML roster before the end of 2016. 2016 can be the year to trade Peralta if he's doing well at the deadline with this depth of SPs.


And then you add Santana, Phillips and Arcia to the batting order mixed with Braun and Lucroy. You've got Davis/Lind as future trades one or both.


You're looking at very little needed to fill out your 25man. 1b will not happen anytime soon(Braun's addition withstanding) 3b well Hwang right here? 2b. Sardinas is my guess at the moment. He's due for growth. The bullpen has been addressed nicely and obviously guys among all those SPs who don't cut at can be dropped in to the Pen. Or put there because don't have room in SP. Hader and Ponce are ideas already should the staff be stable enough to not need them.


The team still has the trades forthcoming. Gotta believe an impact prospect will be added. Lind, Davis, Lucroy, Peralta, KRod, 1 or 2 of Gennett, Segura, Sardinas, Perez.


Haven't even delved into the plethora or hopeful hitters acquired in drafts/International signings recently. They are a few years away but who knows? Real talents when they get it likely move up the ladder very fast.


There's a lot of depth here to use in 3-4years where I think the team can flip and acquire your TOR SP if one or multiples of our own don't appear.


Plus #4, 5, or 6 in this next year's draft which you can acquire 1year to Majors talent...Cubs Kyle Shwarber showing just that now.


Why is it like this suddenly? Home Grown Pitching talent that has been traded to acquire future talent. Gallardo and Fiers. The depth is there to continue such transactions. We could be entering a long term trend of being competitive in just 2years. So long as they build for the future while building for the present.

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It's gotta be a lower end deal because just looking through his stats, while they are good, they are not great. The bat flips are fun and all but can he actually play major league baseball? I guess that's why there are people paid to make those calls.
"This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains." Think about that for a while.
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I'm too lazy to post the link right now, but Hwang will not be posted.


Not entirely true. His team is posting someone else. If they don't accept a bid or that player doesn't sign with the team with the winning bid, Hwang will then be posted. Which could certainly work to the Brewers favor as Hwang could be posted so late in the offseason that many teams could have already spent their budget.

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