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Brewers (Peralta) vs Cardinals (Wainwright): 9/18/23, 6:45pm

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It actually wasn't that bad a game, barely any strikeouts, lots of balls in play, just not the right kind at times, couldn't get it to fall. Play that game nine times and the Brewers win, but credit where it's due to Wainwright who was really locating well unlike earlier in the year.

It happens, go again and see if you can spank the crappy lefty around tonight

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The Cardinals might be a crappy team with crappy pitching in general, but they seem to know how to get the Brewers out. 7 games against them this season and the Brewers have scored just 14 runs and have been shut out 3 times.

Whoever they throw out to the mound the Brewers have trouble scoring. With 6 more games left against them the Brewers better figure something out. 

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Note: If I raise something as a POSSIBILITY that does not mean that I EXPECT it to happen.
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On 9/18/2023 at 7:53 PM, Underachiever said:

Such a frustrating game.

that was a nice play. Sorry Sophia, not listening when there’s a play like the one Donaldson just made. 

She does that often where in the middle of her rambling about something nobody cares about, an amazing play will happen, and she'll just ignore it and go on and on with her story nobody cares about.

She's gotta be more observant about that.

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