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Kyle Lohse to the Phillies


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Yet many have said Vargas would have no value.


At this second, he'd be by far the best SP dealt.


Lohse has a 4.58 ERA and averages more innings per start than Vargas. They're pretty similar. All the Reds got for him was a finesse lefty with unispiring stats at AA, and he has pedestian stuff. I fail to see how you think this is such a great haul.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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Vargas' success and Capuano's lack of success lately have as much to do with run support as anything else.


However, the Brewers are 12 games over .500 when Claudio takes the mound and 4 games under when anyone else does, which isn't a fluke. Vargas does what a starting pitcher is supposed to do in today's game--he gets through 5 or 6 innings with 4 or fewer runs--almost every time.

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i wouldn't trade vargas at this point, he seems to be the only starter capable of wining.


Even Tom Haudricourt has noted recently that Varas's record has as much to do with his run support as anything else. I think he said he has the 3rd best in the NL! You can't begin to talk about the virtues of a pitcher's record without starting with run support.


Id trade bush instead, he'd get us a nice return as well.


He would get us a nice return because he's a solid and cheap starting pitcher, who will remain cheap for several more years. A couple months ago, a large contingent of fans wanted to demote or DFA the guy, now everyone wants to trade him. I don't get it.

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