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This year has an erie reminder of 2001.


The Twins decided to go with the youth movement and practically brought up their entire AA squad. I don't remember their record at the all-star break, but I believe they had a 8 to 10 game lead.


The year before they received about as much press as we have for the last 20 years or so. They were always an after thought on any sport center like we have been.


Then came 2001 and the press and all of baseball started to notice. A youth movement from within their own farm system and it was working. People started talking about play offs and what they would have to do hold on to the lead they had secured at the all-star break. Well after the all-star break they played like their ages and became very mediocre and eventually lost the division to Cleveland.


Sounds familiar doesn't it.


My question is what do ya'll think we have to do to keep the momentum. After the all-star break do we try and trade for a position player with playoff experience , do we pick up help in the pen, do we add a starter, or do we go with what we have and play it out.

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I always get a kick out of these "should we look at tradeing" threads. Trade who? for what?. You of course will always take a look at any trade that would improve your club. However; it is always a risk, and all trades do not always work in your favor, no matter how carefully you do the homework.

Now; look at the Crew; who would we trade that has value to another club, but would not be a lose for us? Who, I ask. The infield is set, and hopefully set for the next several years. OF, trade Hart?(HAHAHAHA), Hall? maybe, but only maybe, on a real sweet deal. Jenkins, you might get lucky and get another Jenkins out of a trade. Either of our catchers? I doubt it would be any improvement unless major cash changed hands somewhere. And spending big money this year only menas less money to spend in the off season to aquire talent for the big run next year, and the bigger run the year after.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

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The Brewers already have a couple guys with playoff experience in Craig Counsell and Jeff Suppan. World Series rings, to boot. There are also other veterans on the team like Damian Miller and Geoff Jenkins, so I wouldn't say the entire team is raw youngsters.


Now, should the team go out and get another reliever or bat to help down the stretch, that is another argument entirely.

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