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30 of 46 have signed - Latest: Rice's Bramhall Added to List

I just got this in my email from the Media Relations department. I hope it's not a dupe, I didn't see this anywhere else.


The players in bold have signed, and their expected level of assignment is noted (Helena or Arizona).


Keep in mind that Etheridge (12th round), Bramhall (18th) and Scott (39th) are all playing in the College World Series and thus can't sign as of yet. We'll try to remind you when you can watch them during the tournament.


46 drafted, 26 signed.

26 Pitchers: (9 lefties 13 righties), 3 catchers, 3 1b, 1 2b, 4 3b, 5 ss, 8 of, {24 college kids, 22 High Schoolers)


1 7 Matt LaPorta 1B R-R 6-2 210 1/8/85 Port Charlotte, Fla. University of Florida


2 (no pick)


3 101 Jonathan Lucroy C R-R 6-0 195 6/13/86 Umatilla, Fla. University of Louisiana Lafayette6/8/07 (Helena) Brian Sankey


4 131 Eric Farris 2B R-R 5-10 175 3/3/86 Chandler, Ariz. Loyola Marymount University 6/11/07 (Helena) Corey Rodriguez


5 161 Caleb Gindl RF L-L 5-9 185 8/31/88 Pace, Fla. Pace HS (Fla.) 6/9/07 (Helena) Doug Reynolds


6 191 Daniel Merklinger LHP L-L 6-1 195 11/19/85 West Orange, N.J. Seton Hall University


7 221 Efrain Nieves LHP L-L 6-0 169 11/15/89 Guaynabo, P.R. Puerto Rico Baseball Academy 6/9/07 (Arizona) Charlie Sullivan & Manolo Hernandez


8 251 David Fonseca SS R-R 6-0 180 8/28/86 Thousand Oaks, Calif. Los Angeles Pierce JC 6/8/07 (Helena) Corey Rodriguez


9 281 Kristian Bueno LHP L-L 6-2 195 12/10/88 Corpus Christi, Texas Calallen HS (Texas) 6/8/07 (Arizona) Brian Sankey


10 311 Eric Fryer C R-R 6-2 215 8/26/85 Reynoldsburg, Ohio The Ohio State University 6/11/07 (Helena) Mike Farrell


11 341 Cody Scarpetta RHP R-R 6-2 225 8/25/88 Rockford, Ill. Guilford HS (Ill.)


12 371 Wes Etheridge RHP R-R 6-1 185 8/12/84 Huntington Beach, Calif. University of California-Irvine


13 401 Christopher Dennis LF L-R 6-1 205 9/15/88 La Salle, Ontario, Canada St. Thomas of Villanova Sec. 6/10/07 (Arizona) Jay Lapp


14 431 Donovan Hand RHP R-R 6-4 250 4/20/86 Hatton, Ala. Jacksonville State University 6/11/07 (Helena) Joe Mason


15 461 Joe Paciorek 3B R-R 6-2 225 9/20/88 Blaine, Wash. Blaine HS (Wash.) 6/9/07 (Arizona) Brandon Newell


16 491 Joel Morales RHP R-R 6-3 200 3/12/89 Guaynabo, P.R. Puerto Rico Baseball Academy 6/9/07 (Arizona) Charlie Sullivan & Manolo Hernandez


17 521 Erik Miller CF R-R 6-3 200 8/23/87 Phoenix, Ariz. Scottsdale CC 6/8/07 (Arizona) Kevin Clouser


18 551 Bobby Bramhall LHP L-L 5-11 185 7/13/85 College Station, Texas Rice University


19 581 Zealous Wheeler 3B R-R 5-10 220 1/116/87 Childersburg, Ala. Wallace State CC 6/11/07 (Helena) Joe Mason


20 611 Cameron Robulack 1B L-R 6-3 220 11/2/88 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 6/9/07 (Arizona) Jay Lapp


21 641 Connor Hoehn RHP R-R 6-1 200 7/5/89 Damascus, Md. St. John?s HS (Md.)


22 671 Matthew Cline SS R-R 5-10 155 10/18/85 Huntington Beach, Calif. Cal State Long Beach 6/8/07 (Helena) Josh Belovsky


23 701 William Hawn 3B L-R 6-1 195 8/11/88 Knoxville, Tenn. South Doyle HS (Tenn.)


24 731 Jonathan White CF L-L 6-2 198 6/16/86 Shelbyville, Tenn. Vanderbilt University


25 761 Chadwick Bell LHP R-L 6-3 200 2/28/89 Knoxville, Tenn. South Doyle HS (Tenn.)


26 791 Benjamin Feltner LF S-R 5-11 185 10/8/85 Leander, Texas Texas A&M University


27 821 Joshua Trejo LHP L-L 6-1 220 8/15/89 Union City, Calif. James Logan HS (Calif.) 6/11/07 (Arizona) Justin McCray


28 851 Steffan Wilson 3B R-R 6-1 220 5/24/86 State College, Pa. Harvard University 6/8/07 (Helena) Rene


29 881 Travis Nevakshonoff RHP R-R 6-0 180 7/22/89 Castle Guard, B.C., Canada DWPopps Sec. (British Columbia) 6/11/07 (Arizona) Marty Lehn


30 911 Corey Frerichs RHP R-R 5-11 200 5/7/86 Willis, Texas Temple Junior College (Texas) 6/10/07 (Helena) Brian Sankey


31 941 Jonathan Clarence LHP R-L 6-3 190 10/21/88 Columbus, Ind. Columbus North HS (Ind.)


32 970 Miguel Vasquez SS R-R 6-1 190 11/25/86 Orlando, Fla. Seminole CC (Fla.) 6/9/07 (Arizona) Charles Aliano


33 999 Ryan Jensen CF L-R 5-10 180 9/21/88 Langley, B.C., Canada 6/9/07 (Arizona) Marty Lehn


34 1028 Casey Baron LHP L-L 6-2 200 11/29/84 Fairland, Md. University of Maryland 6/9/07 (Helena) Tim McIlvaine


35 1057 Curtis Rindal 1B R-R 6-3 215 9/15/83 Mount Vernon, Wash. University of Washington 6/9/07 (Helena) Brandon Newell


36 1086 Curtis Pasma LHP L-L 6-0 206 9/19/85 Madera, Calif. University of Pacific 6/9/07 (Helena) Justin McCray


37 1114 Richard Hague SS R-R 6-1 180 9/18/88 Spring, Texas Klein Collins HS (Texas)


38 1142 Kurt Crowell OF R-R 6-3 215 9/21/84 Downey, Calif. Cal State Los Angeles 6/9/07 (Helena) Corey Rodriguez


39 1170 Joseph Scott SS R-R 6-0 185 8/22/86 Corona, Calif. Cal State Fullerton


40 1199 Jordan Tanner RHP R-R 6-4 190 6/8/89 New Castle, Pa. Neshannock HS (Pa.)


41 1224 Adam Arnold RHP R-R 6-0 185 5/15/86 Kamloops, B.C., Canada Thompson River University 6/9/07 (Arizona) Lehn/Lapp


42 1250 Michael Reid RHP L-R 6-3 195 5/17/88 South Lake, Texas Carroll HS (Texas)


43 1276 Cullen Sexton RHP R-R 6-2 190 7/22/88 Stevens Point, Wis. Stevens Point HS (Wis.)


44 1302 Shawn Zarraga C R-R 6-1 218 1/21/89 Lake Worth, Fla. Trinity Chirstian Academy (Fla.)


45 1328 Matt Sergey RHP R-R 6-4 170 7/29/89 Plantation, Fla. South Plantation HS (Fla.)


46 1352 Stewart Ijames RF L-R 6-1 195 8/21/88 Owensboro, Ky. Owensboro Catholic HS (Ky.)


47 1375 Aaron Tullo RHP R-R 6-3 195 3/9/88 St. Petersburg, Fla. St. Petersburg JC (Fla.)

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That list at ESPN seems like it must be in error...they also have Jonathan White, Merklinger, Hawn, Scarpetta all signed...while I'd love that, the big reason I distrust it is that they've got people still playing in the College World Series on there: Etheridge and Bramhall.
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One thing I've always been curious about that I hope someone can answer: how is it decided whether a draft pick is sent to Helena as opposed to Arizona (or vice versa). Is one more advanced than the other? Or is it because one league is considered a "hitters" league and the other a "pitchers" league?


Thanks in advance!

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Arizona is a complex-based rookie league, using spring training facilities in many cases. The players there are often fresh out of HS or a 2-year school, or very young signees from Latin America. Helena (and the Pioneer League) is described as 'Advanced Rookie' or, sometimes, R+. Most of the teams have a greater proportion of college kids, or prep draftees in their second year of pro ball. There are often exceptions, though, and a few years back the Brewers had no complex league team, so their HS draft choices went to Ogden or Helena in the Pioneer League.
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Also note that there are teams in the league with Helena that still just send their HS kids there. That's one of the reasons Helena seems to contend every year and many of us don't get overly excited when we have a college kid come in and tears things up a bit.
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Speaking of rookie leagues, what ever happened to the proposal to eliminate rookie ball? Making the Pioneer a Shot-Season league. Appalachian league would be a co-op league. And the AZ and GCL would become extended spring training.
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2 more inked - a few days ago


Today, the Brewers announced the signing of sixth round pick (191st overall) LHP Dan Merklinger from Seton Hall University and 12th round pick (371st overall) RHP Wes Etheridge from University of California-Irvine.





LaPorta just signed



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What jack Z meant was they signed everyone they wanted signed for now. They'll likely sign a few more at the end of the summer. Scarpetta is recovery from a finger injury, and will likely be signed if he proves to be healthy. The team will follow many of the younger draftees through the summer, and then decide who to spend on, like they did last year with RJ Seidel.


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He said "at this time", which to me they don't want to sign an injured highschool pitcher. If he heals up great, if not, why waste the money?

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

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He said "at this time", which to me they don't want to sign an injured highschool pitcher. If he heals up great, if not, why waste the money?


I was actually really encouraged by this, to me it sounds like he's saying that they've got a signing bonus both parties are willing to agree on, the Brewers have just told him that they want to see how quickly he recovers and what he looks like after it heals before being willing to pay above slot.

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