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8/14/05Reds(Claussen)@Brewers(Davis)1:05 CST Gotta have Hart


Well, that guy excites me.


Well done Mr Hart.


I dont know what Corey was when we drafted him, but you must admit it is an amazing trip around the diamond. I think he was drafted as a first baseman.


But then there was Prince. So Corey had to to to third.


But then there was ground balls. So Corey had to go to right field.


But then there was Cruz. So Corey had to go to left field.


But then he plays two games in center to spell a struggling Krynzel, and slam, bam, thank you mamn




Who would have predicted something like this.

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I was just thinking, we are hopeful Corey can play CF and our evidence to date is that he looked OK watching a home run ball go over the fence. He seemed to pick it up and watch it ok.


Oh, I think Brewer fans are the most resourceful on earth looking for hope.

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I guess you missed the smiley Hoffy. He not only watched it but ran in the right direction to where it went over the fence. According to some previous posts here I was expecting he'd run toward right. He only had the opportunities presented to him and since there were none, the conclusion was we can't draw any conclusions.


I am excited for you though as I know Corey's been the object of your affection for at least 3 years.

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Jenkins is a career Brewer, known for his streaks. Lee is younger, has more power, and much more consistent. Jenkins walks more, but also strikes out more. And Lee seems to be healthier. I think Hart's best role next year is as a bench player, getting about 3 starts a week. Heck, this could even be an audition for the CF job for next year, which would make Krynzel the 4th OF if Clark is dealt.



I think this is a good breakdown. If it comes down to Jenkins and Lee, I go with Carlos. There production is very similar, as are their salaries. But the trump card is Lee's birthdate -- two years younger than Geoff.


If Jenkins or Clark is dealt, that opens a spot for either Hart or Cruz (with the loser going to the bench to provide a major improvement there). I suspect they will give Krynzel another year at AAA; he's still pretty young, so I think they will give him more time playing everyday to see if he can be a regular in the bigs. If not, he would be a nice addition to the major league bench, certainly an improvement over Magruder.

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Vgmastr, I am jealous of you. I missed EVERY single one of the kids first homeruns live cuz of other stuff goin on.


Today, I'm kickin myself the most though. My friends and I were goin to play baseball at 4. I wanted to stop and get a Gatorade. I pulled into the the gas station as Hart was coming up, and considered listening to his at bat. I was running late and went in, as I was walking back to my car, my buddie text messaged me "COREY HART!!!" and I knew I missed it.


Great win tonight, myself and Grotzoro's hard night of drinking as we fell into "Brewer Depression" paid off. Here's to an exciting week on the road.

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I was at the game today, and what a game it was. I am lucky enough to have seen Weeks, Fielder, and Hart all hit their first HR in person.

ditto, same for me!!!


Was at the game today. Few things

1 every abat Cory had HIT the ball hard but right to someone.

2 Jose was all over the place. I kept track of his MPH.

almost every pitch was 94, had two 95, one 96 and one 97

nothing over 94 was a strike

3. DD's triple was lucky, JR trotted back not full speed, and misjude the ball has it hit his glove trying to do an over the shoulder type catch.

4. K. Davis was throwing harder then Jose!!!

He was always around 95-96 with 97 hit around 3 times.

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