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8/14/05Reds(Claussen)@Brewers(Davis)1:05 CST Gotta have Hart



Helms 7 0 2 0 1 .286

Weeks 22 4 6 2 4 .273

Jenkins 20 1 5 0 3 .250

Lee 21 1 4 0 1 .190

Moeller 6 1 1 0 0 .167

Overbay 24 3 4 0 0 .167

Hall 18 1 3 1 2 .167

Magruder 10 0 1 0 1 .100

Hardy 10 0 1 0 0 .100

Miller 13 0 1 0 0 .077


Last 7 days those bats have been Smok'n hot






(pictures from milwaukeebrewers.com)


It is the best I can find




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OK- I feel that it's time I step in and say something here about this great streak we have going here.


The Brewer bats are holier (full of holes) than the Pope.

Brewer _ffense is not only missing it's "O", but the following:


Carlos " I'm hitting like I field, and that aint no good!" Lee

Geoff "Yeah, but look at July" Jenkins

Brady " Don't make me laugh, it hurts too much" Clark

Russell " Ya spell that with a K" Branyon

JJ " Don't tease me or I'm tellin coach 'cause he says I don't gotta hit" Hardy

Damien " Even Bad Chad's hitting better than me" Miller

Bill " But I can play multiple defensive positions though" Hall

Wes "Right now, I'm your best hitter" Helms

Chad (pointing at Miller) "Im better than -that guy- right now" Moeller


Ahhh there's also a certain Mr. Ned Yost whom we seem to disgegard from time to time.

I refer to the man that could not handle a pitching staff of one. I refer to the man who this late in the season has not yet learned that his hitting coach "the Butcher" Wynegar is less able to instruct hitters than Joey Meyer would have been. I refer to the man who is one step behind the opposing dugout so often it seems that instead of using signals, Ned just goes to the top dugout step and yells to the runners:

"Hey! Let's hit and run here!"

"Yo! Brady! Steal second base here!"


that is all. enjoy the game. I'll be at the mall and running errands. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/tongue.gif

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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Starting Lineups

No. Cincinnati Milwaukee

1 Ryan Freel, 2B Rickie Weeks, 2B

2 Sean Casey, 1B Bill Hall, SS

3 Ken Griffey Jr., CF Lyle Overbay, 1B

4 Austin Kearns, RF Carlos Lee, LF

5 Adam Dunn, LF Geoff Jenkins, RF

6 Jason LaRue, C Wes Helms, 3B

7 Edwin Encarnacion, 3B Corey Hart, CF

8 Ray Olmedo, SS Chad Moeller, C

9 Brandon Claussen, P Doug Davis, P

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I was at that game too. That foul ball by Hart was the coolest foul ball I have ever seen in my life. It was like the whole future of the franchise and the strength of the farm system was being displayed in one swing.


Anyway, we really must win today. I have tried not to panic or overreact to the losses, but I will be very disheartened if we lose this one.

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Hart can play center?


He just started playing there in AAA this week.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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