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8/19/2003 Phillies (Millwood) @ Brewers (Sheets)


Tonight's affair is a rematch of last week's pitching matchup.


Ben Sheets comes off his worst outing of the year aginst the Phillies, giving up 8 runs in 5 innings. He has a 7.50 ERA in August.


Kevin Millwood meanwhile is having a nice month, with an ERA of 2.63. He was a winner in his last outing vs. the Brewers, only allowing 1 flyball vs. 12 groundballs.


Brewerfan.net / Statfox Matchup Info:



Ben Sheets Player Profile:


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Daron Sutton said it was a strained rotator cuff and that Sheets was removed for precautionary reasons.


Let's see, Sheets gets lit up last start and today, suprise, he has to be removed with what's diagnosed as a strained rotator cuff. Gee, I wonder if Ben hurt himself last game or before and decided to keep it quite and now he should be shut down for awhile. Naw, battlers don't go on the DL. Shake off the torn, I mean strained, rotator cuff and get back out there Ben.

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My post from the game on 8/13/2003:


I didn't get to see the game, but it looks like the Pills touched up Ben pretty bad in the first. Was there any sign of injury, as it sounds like his back may have had trouble loosening up? Is there any reason to be concerned, or did he just not have his stuff tonight?


I'm not reposting this to say I told you so. I am posting this to say that even to someone who just looked at the box score after the game, there was a reason to be concerned. I would like to know why he was put back out there when he was not ready to pitch. Of course, I have come to expect this from the Brewers.

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Before the injury, I had Sheets pencilled in on Sunday... the fine afternoon where I've decided to hold a Stoughton Youth Center event (via bus)... Its always a good thing when your employer pays for tickets AND pays you to watch the baseball game... hehe


Anyways, I was hoping that the Brewers would put their best foot forward on that day, as to convert 15 (cubs fans), into 15 young BREWER fans! I'm not sure of the section we'll be in yet (need to check the tickets).... anyone else going on Sunday?


Is it still likely that Sheets will pitch (on five days rest)... or will Obermueller (who was scheduled to start tomorrow) mess up the rotation? Emergency start on Thursday for Luis Martinez??? Or Martinez major league debut on Sunday??? either would be sweet

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