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04/11/05 - Pirates (Wells) @ Brewers (Davis), 1:05 PM CT

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I want to thank Russell Branyan.


- For having such an uneventful career up until his time as a Brewer. That made him affordable enough that even a Selig-owned team can bring in a legitimate slugging 3B, to fill the gaping hole we've had there for the last 5 years or so.


- For making it almost impossible for Ned to even suggest that Helms play even 1/2 the time, now. Opening Day impressions are lasting ones, and if Ned were to start Helms again soon, he'd be a laughingstock. Now the decision is academic, where even Ned's friendship can't help Helms anymore.


- Finally, and most importantly, for bringing back some pride, however little we have, regardless of how we finish up this season. He's a Brewer I can point to, with pride, and say he's one of ours.


Honesttogod, as I heard the SRO crowd erupt with that 2nd center field home run, I started craining my neck upward for the first time in years.


Then the curtain call made me choke up a teeny tiny bit. It was a moment in our progression from perennial debt-retiring doormats to respectable franchise.


I miss that feeling.


I honestly don't WANT to always be so damned negative, but the Seligs never gave me reasons to have hope, and think otherwise. I want reasons to be positive, as I was 13 years ago.


OK, this is only the Pirates, and there's a long season ahead, and we still have some major holes. But here's hoping Carlos Lee, Overbay, Sheets, Doug Davis and Russell continue to provide the thrills and pride again.


We're on the way back. Today, I began to really feel it...

"So if this fruit's a Brewer's fan, his ass gotta be from Wisconsin...(or Chicago)."
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Jenkins has always been a streaky hitter (in between injuries). I'm going to give him plenty of sample size this season to see what he can do at this point in his career.


That said, if he produces .800 OPS or below this season, I'm going to advocate dumping him.

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