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04/11/05 - Pirates (Wells) @ Brewers (Davis), 1:05 PM CT


The Brewers walk away with a winning road trip, even after losing two games to their North Side enemies. Doug Davis beat the Pirates last week, and looks to settle into an April groove, as he's had moderate lifetime success against the Bucs, sporting a 3.48 ERA. Kip Wells gets the nod for the Pirates, who hasn't had much luck at Miller Park, with a 5.24 ERA in his last 6 starts.

NL Central Standings

 TEAM WON LOST PCT GB HOME ROAD EAST CENT WEST STREAK HOUSTON 4 1 .800 - 4-1 0-0 00-00 04-01 00-00 WON 4 [b]MILWAUKEE 3 2 .600 1 0-0 3-2 00-00 03-02 00-00 LOST 2[/b] CHICAGO CUBS 3 3 .500 1 1/2 2-1 1-2 00-00 02-01 01-02 WON 2 CINCINNATI 3 3 .500 1 1/2 3-0 0-3 03-00 00-03 00-00 LOST 3 ST LOUIS 2 3 .400 2 1-2 1-1 01-02 01-01 00-00 LOST 2 PITTSBURGH 2 4 .333 2 1/2 0-2 2-2 00-00 00-02 02-02 WON 1 

Brewerfan.net gets props on the front page of today's Journal/Sentinel:



Brewerfan.net / Statfox Matchup Info:



Milwaukeebrewers.com game preview:



Pittsburghpirates.com game preview:


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Is it too early to crack the first beer? Its been many a year since I have had the excitement of a contending team(no matter how slight it might be), so my reasoning of going to opening day was to see how drunk I could get.


There is some real things going on this year in Milwaukee, and, while I know it sounds real wierd, I am not sure I know how to treat this day.

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The enormous feeling of jealousy has just set in as I will miss my 5th straight opening day becuase of living in the Cities. Hope everyone has a great time there and Go Crew!




Davis goes 6 1/3 4 hits, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K's


Branyan goes ya-ya


JJ goes 2-4 with a double and a RBI


Brewers win 5-2

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Not the same old story, this time around at least.


Hungry Bucs team in back in town. No sign of Big Ben this time. If Wells is on his game, he's as good as any number 1 pitcher. Humbled by two horrific losses at the hands of the once lowly Brew Crew, the Bucs can smell revenge in the air.


Problem, Brewers have improved somewhat while the Bucs have not. But it's not that simple. We still have to play the games. This would be a great time for the Bucs bats to wake up.


Let the games begin....

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Welcom aboard PirateScott. Believe me, Brewer fans are just as happy about missing Oliver Perez as you are about missing Sheeter. I'll take my chancs with Davis, Capuano and Santos, all three had good first outings, and there really is only two guys in the Pirate lineup who scare me, Bay and Craig Wilson (Thor). I think the Brewers have a great shot of winning 2 of 3.
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Thanks for the Welcome -


I'm a transplanted Pittsburgher. Lifetime Bucco fan, grew up in the 70's around some great baseball. I've been here in Wisconsin for the last 10 years, and have struggled to adopt the Brewers as my "other" team.


The sadden state of both teams made the journey hard over the past several years. While I'm happy to see progress here in Milwaukee, I'm just as sad to see it lagging in the Burgh.


That being said, when the teams meet, I'm flying the Jolly Roger... and hoping for the best.

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Welcome Pirate Scott. You guys got some very good back-end of the rotation pitching from Redman-Fogg-Williams in San Diego. If Redman and Fogg pitch like that in this series, you guys will be fine.


I watched Oliver Perez's 2nd start on Saturday. His velocity seems to be down a bit. You think his shoulder is still a bit tweaked? Might be something to watch for? His next start should be Friday against Chicago's Carlos Zambrono. Now that's a pitching match-up to look forward to...

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I had a presentation that I'm done with now, but if I didn't have that I'd be in the parking lot of Milelr Park already. When we got our presentaion dates assigned I was amazed that out of 10 possible dates I got scheduled for today. Yuck. Well, I'll be watching my Crew from the good ole T.V. again. Once graudated I can assure more opening days will come my way.

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The line on this game is 9.5 Today I took the under.



Now 1-2 in my ya-ya guesses .333 not a bad BA huh?


ya-ya today: LEE (what will be more pretty than a Homer for his new Home fans in his new Home)


Beer records

Bush light 2-0

Bud light 1-0

Stroh's Light 0-1

Miller Light 0-1


at Heathers house today in fundy, Drinking Old style Light




will guess a final score today just for the heck of it. Brew crew 5 - Pitts 4. Yep that close

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Slidebernieslide - I really don't think Ollie's got any real problem. This was the first year he hadn't played winter-ball. He's just not in his rythem. He almost didn't make the roster last spring due to poor performance. It won't take much and he'll be right back on.
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No surprises.


 PITTSBURGH AT MILWAUKEE -- LINEUPS PITTSBURGH MILWAUKEE AVG HR RBI AVG HR RBI Matt Lawton RF .320 0 3 Brady Clark CF .200 0 2 Jack Wilson SS .200 0 1 Junior Spivey 2B .385 2 4 Jason Bay LF .280 0 1 Lyle Overbay 1B .286 1 4 Craig Wilson 1B .368 0 3 Carlos Lee LF .273 1 6 Tike Redman CF .133 1 2 Geoff Jenkins RF .174 0 1 Ty Wigginton 3B .136 0 0 Damian Miller C .462 1 1 Benito Santiago C .316 0 0 Russell Branyan 3B .353 0 3 Freddy Sanchez 2B .182 0 0 J.J. Hardy SS .214 0 2 Kip Wells RHP .000 0 0 Doug Davis LHP .000 0 0 (0-1, 10.80) (1-0, 3.00) 

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mmmmmm..... old style light


i have a can of old style that survived a party with like 15 tuba players from my frosh year, and i've kept it in my room until the day i graduate, when i will chug that skunky ass beer.

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