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3/18/05 - A's (Haren) @ Brewers (Santos), 2:00 CT


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I'll be happy to do a running box today. So check this post for updates. FYI....Jeff Bennett, Andy Pratt, Matt Erickson, Sam Narron and Nelson Cruz optioned to Nashville...via Daron Sutton.




LF-Eric Byrnes

2B- Mark Ellis

3B- Keith Ginter

1B- Scott Hatteberg

C- Adam Melhuse

SS- Bobby Crosby

RF- Nick Swisher

CF-Hiram Bocachica

P- Danny Haren



CF- Brady Clark

2B- Billy Hall

1B- Lyle Overbay

RF- Geoff Jenkins

3B- Russell Branyan

C- Damian Miller

LF- Corey Hart

SS- JJ Hardy

P- Vampire Santos


Top of 1st (Santos takes the mound)

Byrnes F7

Ellis 6-3

Ginter 5-3


Bot of 1st (Haren pitching)

Clark E-5 (Clark on 1st) (Clark Steals 2nd)

Hall 6-3 (Clark stays on 2nd)

Overbay BB (runners advance on wild pitch)

Jenkins 5-3 (runners stay put)

3T0 F-9 (sliding catch by Swisher)


Top of 2nd (Santos pitching)

Hatteberg 1B

Melhuse F-7

Crosby F-9

Swisher 1B (Hatteberg advances to 3rd)

Boca 5-3


Bot of 2nd (Haren pitching)

Miller 4-3

Hart 1B

Hardy Sac Fly-9 (Hart advances to 2nd)

Vampire 5-3


Top of 3rd (Santos pitching)

Haren K (looking)

Brynes 1B

Ellis K (Byrnes steals 2nd, advances to 3rd on throwing error by Miller)

Ginter K (swinging at a splitter)


Bot of 3rd (Haren pitching)

Clark F-9

Hall F-9

Overbay INF 1B

Jenkins FC U6


Top of 4th (Santos pitching)

Hatteberg F-8 (Deep)

Melhuse 1B

Crosby K (swinging at high fastball)

Swisher E-6

Boca K (looking)


Santos is done for the day. He pitches 4 scoreless. Gives up 4 hits, strikes out 5, walks none and probably does a lot solidify his spot in the rotation.


Bot of 4th (Haren pitching)

Muscle K (looking)

Miller 2B

Hart K (swinging at a breaking ball)

Hardy 6-3


Top of 5th (JDLR is now pitching)

Haren K

Brynes 5-3

Ellis Gets on missed how?

Ginter 1B (Ellis to 2nd)

Hatteberg F-8


Bot of 5th (Haren still pitching)

Kiesh PHs for JDLR

Kieschnick Po-2

Clark 1B (caught stealing 2-6...Hall couldn't get bunt down)

Hall 1B (steals 2nd)

Overbay K (swinging)


Top of 6th (Rick Helling is now pitching)

Melhuse 4-3

Crosby 5-3

Swisher BB (PR Clark steals 2nd)




Elllis Po-3


Lost audio...A's score 2 and now lead 2-0. So if anyone can tell me what happened I'll fill it in.


Bot of 6th (Hutson Street is now pitching for A's)

Jenkins K (swinging)

Branyan K (swinging)

Miller HR (2-1 A's)

Hart K (looking)


Top of 7th (Rick Helling still pitching)

Ginter 2B

Hatteberg SacU3 (Ginter moves to 3rd)

Melhuse BB

Crosby Po-4 (no one advances)

Jermaine Clark 1B (Ginter scores) (A's lead 3-1)

Matt Wise is now pitching and Mark Johnson catching

Boca 2B (Melhuse scores, Clark to 3rd) (A's lead 4-1)

Street? out


Bot of 7th (Street pitching)

Hardy 6-3

Fielder 1B

Clark FC 4-4

Hall 2B (Clark to 3rd)

Johnson K (outside corner looking)


Gotta go. Good luck Badgers tonight and Panthers on Sunday!

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Obie can't be much worse than he was last season. Every time he came in, I expected a whole heap of runs to be scored on him. He frankly is very very average. He hits better than he pitches...and being a pitcher in the bigs, that's not a compliment.
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I'm all for giving Obermueller a chance. Having Damian Miller's vote of confidence certainly helps. Give him four starts, and if he tanks, we have plenty of options to replace him. Besides, he pitched well out of the pen, we can always throw JDLR out there and put obie in his place (assuming JDLR makes the team).
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it's funny, last year I was unsure of Obermueller entering the season, but probably 90% here were in love with him. I see his potential and am intrigued, but now at least 90% here can't stand him
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Bot of 1st (Haren pitching)

Clark E-5 (Clark on 1st) (Clark Steals 2nd)

Hall 6-3 (Clark stays on 2nd)

Overbay BB (runners advance on wild pitch)

Jenkins 5-3 (runners stay put)

3T0 F-9 (sliding catch by Swisher)


Can this example be put in the discussion of why making contact, by itself, means little? Not a K in sight and a runner on third is stranded with less than 2 outs.



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I know this has prob. been brought up, sorry if I missed the memo. But what is the deal with the spring training games on MB.com? I listened to the first 4 or so games and now they want you to pay? Was it just a teaser to get you to buy the mlb audio season package?
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3TO three total outcomes. The walk, The home run & the Strike Out.


the three outcomes in baseball that do not involve the other 7 fielders. Out of all the players in MLB history, I belive Russel has the highest percentage of the 3TO.

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