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8/04/07 - Phillies (Hamels) @ Brewers (Bush) - 6:05pm

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I certainly agree that teams can score on Hamels. I just don't believe this team can. We are just not constructed to be a come back type of team.


Swinging for the fences is our attempt at coming back. That feeds right in to swinging at garbage. Most MLB pitchers are good at feeding garbage when they are ahead. If we could figure out that occasionally a timely base hit or a sac bunt might plate a run in a couple of of the remaining innings, we might actually get to the 8th or 9th tied or down by one and finish the come back on someone. Until that happens, I have almost zero hope that we can come back on Hamels. I hope I'm wrong, but the stats on are ability to come back this year leave little hope.

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The starting pitching has been our Achilles heal. While this starting staff may have been one of the better ones in the NL on paper, the results on the field (except Sheets and Gallardo) reek of a .500 club. Yah, some good starts on occasion from Bush and Vargas. But truthfully, based on performance this season, this staff has four #4-5 type starters rather than the two #2s (Cappy, Soup) and two #3-4's (Bush, Vargas) we had hoped for at the beginning. The good news, and the hope is, that Sheets comes back strong, Gallardo keeps it up, and either Soup of Cappy re-find their touch down the stretch.


EDIT: I should say that Vargas has been decent for a #5. But it says something about this staff that he has the second best results on the field.

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