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7/6 non-Brewer game thread

Lil Dummy
Pittsburgh is going to beat Chicago tonight. Maholm is a good pitcher, and Marquis will take off the Superman cape from last weekend and crash back down to Earth against the pesky Pirate bats. So let it be written.
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Take me out to where the Pirates play

Catch the sights, cheer the plays, feel the glory of yesterday

Centerfield, grand slams, fans and Cracker Jack

Crowd cheers, I don't care if I ever get back


I listen to the game with my radio on

Clap along to the rhythm of a Bucco song

Two aboard, full count with nobody out

Stomp your feet, line drive everybody shout

Root, root, root for our home team

A new Pirate generation everybody shout, "Let's Go Bucs!"


These are lyrics to "A New Pirate Generation," which (at least) used to be played before games in the early years of PNC. It was moderately catchy when we visited and actually made me hope the Pirates won. (Of course, we saw them playing The San Francisco Giants Featuring The Barry, so it was easy to root for the home team that night.)


Anyway, I'm with igor. May the Pirates not turn back into a pumpkin until after Sunday.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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Verified Member

Twins beating the White Sox 18-10 after 7 innings of Game 1. The Twins are the first team to score 18 runs in a game this year.


Garland gives up 12 runs (11 earned) in 3+, the first to give up that many runs and ER this year. The last pitcher to give up 12 runs in a start was... Garland, last September.


Scott Baker gave up 7 ER in 5 innings and is in line to become the first pitcher this year to give up that many ER and still get the win.


I wonder if the 2nd game will end up 1-0 or something.

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