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Great smoothie recipes?


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Some milk, vanilla yogurt, two scoops of unsweetened unflavored oatmeal, two strawberries, a banana, some frozen pineapple chunks and frozen raspberries.


That's been a staple of my morning diet for the past few weeks. Sometimes I'll mix it up and throw an egg in there or some whey powder and drink that after a workout. Good stuff.

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just made this for my wife the other night out of my Hawaiian drink bartender book. Very yummy.


1 cup ice

2 oz. pineapple juice

2 oz. plain yogurt

1 oz. chopped macadamia nuts

1/4 of a mango, chopped

1/4 of a papaya, chopped


Blend well.


Very delicious and good for you, too.

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I work out every morning and after lifting and playing hoops I make the following to go with Oatmeal or whatever I eat for breakfast:


2 Bananas



2 kinds of Frozen Fruit each day. They sell bags of frozen fruit for pie making, but I use them for this instead. Pineapples, Raspberries, Cherries (red and dark), Peaches, Strawberries,Blueberries, etc.


The quanities of the ingredients differ by the types of fruit (some require more water/OJ), but generally I'm trying to get a smooth (drinkably smooth) concoction. I don't measure it anymore, after 18 months I pretty much have it down to a "feel" thing.


I was doing it for a pick me up because honestly I was spent after going to the Y every morning and never felt like going into work, and it helps recharge my batteries. The biggest benefit I stumbled into is that I haven't been sick once in the last 18 months, even with everyone around me sick and coaching high school boys who always seem to have one ailment or another. No cold, no flu, nothing at all, and I don't think it's a coincidence at all.


I realize these aren't for everyone, but some of my favorite fruit combinations are |(in addition to the bananas and orange juice already in the blender):




Rhubarb/Pineapple (I know Rhubard isn't a fruit but it rules just the same)

Blueberry/Rapberry but Blueberries go well with anything in my opinion except maybe rhubarb and pineapple.

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My dad used to make Orange Julius all the time growing up. It's my favorite. We had Orange Julius in the malls in Montana when I was little, but it took years to get them in Milwaukee. So we just had them at home.

6 oz. can frozen concentrated orange juice
1 cup milk
1 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
8 ice cubes

-Pour all ingredients, except ice cubes, in a blender.
-Blend, adding ice cubes one at a time, until smooth.

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