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Matt Morris to Pirates

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Just saw that too. Not sure what to make of this deal.


Maybe they'll try to put him through waivers and get a better deal in a few weeks.

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Morris is due to recieve $9.5 mil. this year & next, with a team option for $9 mil. in 2009. That's Suppan money for a league average (or better) guy. I'd imagine this move was made in order to flip Morris later this year - or next year - for some young players. As long as Matt pitches the way he has over his career, he will bring value back for the Bucs. I can't imagine they want to keep him around for all that cash.
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While this trade doesn't make sense, take a look at the comment Matt Morris gave to the folks in Pittsburgh on his feelings about the trade:


"I'm excited about getting back to the NL Central and getting some better defense and some young guys out there who are looking to play hard," Morris said.


(Link: http://www.newsobserver.com/1607/story/655515.html )


How's that for slamming your teammates on the way out the door? Pretty clear shot at the Giants, if you ask me...Morris was also one of the members of the Giants who questioned the organization's hyping of Bonds' pursuit for the home run record -- he said something like "I don't even know if the objective is the win games anymore."

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Suppan is a league average (or better) guy.


But, I don't think Morris is even that good anymore. A downward trend in performance, coupled with a good pitcher's park, and the fact that several teams in the NL West (Padres, Dodgers, D'Backs) are fairly punchless.



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