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Debate: Johan Santana vs. Josh Beckett


Ok so me and my friend got into a little debate, on who is the better pitcher, past and present... Between Josh and Johan.


In my Defense... I picked Johan.. To defend my point I said Johan has won 2 Cy Youngs, and he is a workhorse.


In his Defense...He picked Beckett... Said he is clutch in the playoffs, and continues to go back to winning games (when wins are the worst stat ever for pitchers)


What do you guys think?

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And Suppan was NLCS MVP. What does that mean? That he had a couple good starts.


Santana has never been on a team nearly as good as the teams that Beckett has been a part of.

Ok, I don't want this to sound like I think Beckett's even close to Santana, but you cannot compare what Beckett's done in the post-season to Suppan.


Career's are made by throwing complete game shutouts in Yankee stadium to clinch the World Series for your team.


Beckett gets bumped several notches for his ridiculous post-season success.


A 1.16 ERA in 3 Starts in the World Series and with 28 K's in 23 IP?

And a 1.73 ERA in 10 Post season games with 82 K's in 72 IP?


That means a helluva lot more than "he had a couple of good starts".



And as for the comment that Santana's teams haven't been "nearly as good" as Beckett's, a lot of that has to do with these two pitchers. Santana's team has made the playoffs from 02-06 with the exception of 05.

Santana in 11 Post-season games has an ERA of 3.97.


The difference between the Marlins team that won the World Series and the Twins team with Santana that did not was most likely the difference in these two pitchers.


Again, Santana is clearly the better pitcher, but you can't just dismiss what pitchers do in their most important starts and pass them off as inconsequential. Beckett's establishing himself as the best big game pitcher of this generation.

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ERA is a team stat and 11 games is still a ridiculously small sample to try to judge a pitcher by. If you are talking about how good the pitchers are the post season stats mean very little to me unless one player was just terrible and that isn't the case.
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The only two pitchers currently in baseball that can be argued over Santana are Peavy and Webb. Beckett probably isn't even in the top 5 disucssion.

I probably wouldn't even put Webb in that category... although it's close.

Maybe for a better debate, how about Santana vs Peavy? Honestly, I would probably take Peavy.

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