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5/1/07 Cardinals (Looper) @ Brewers (Sheets): 7:05 PM CDT









































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Beat the Cards!

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I don't know why but I have a really really good feeling about this match up. Sheets' ERA is higher than it should be and Looper's is lower than it should be. All things become right in the universe tomorrow night!


Here's hoping Weeks shows up at the top of the order tomorrow!

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I am such a loser. I have been waitning for woogie to give me my IGT fix since the last pitch of the game. I hope the kids put themselves to sleep and I hope they ate something.


Go Crew!!!!

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Are you talking about your kids or the Brewers?


Yea mine. I should leave the front door open so CPS won't have to break my door down?



No I don't need any protest posts. My kids are all grown, but I should get a hobby and stop eating my meals in front of the computer!

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Looking at those splits, here's hoping the bases are empty when Pujols bats.


I think Sheets will be using his changeup to neutralize Pujols. He's been using it more against the tough hitters who fare alright against him.

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The first high def. FSN game. FINALLY.


Graffy has a .220 BA and SLG in 50 AB. That's very difficult to accomplish. Here's something else that's pretty crazy:

 [b]2007 NL Production at 3B:
TEAM AB BA OBP SLG OPS[/b] Florida 104 0.356 0.414 0.663 1.077 Atlanta 100 0.310 0.415 0.640 1.055 Chicago Cubs 96 0.354 0.406 0.594 0.999 Colorado 105 0.267 0.342 0.438 0.780 Arizona 100 0.250 0.356 0.410 0.766 Houston 94 0.287 0.370 0.394 0.764 Pittsburgh 94 0.298 0.320 0.436 0.756 San Francisco 99 0.242 0.265 0.434 0.699 NY Mets 91 0.242 0.367 0.308 0.675 St. Louis 92 0.239 0.314 0.359 0.672 Philadelphia 102 0.275 0.321 0.333 0.655 Washington 110 0.236 0.288 0.327 0.615 Cincinnati 91 0.242 0.310 0.286 0.596 Milwaukee 85 0.224 0.313 0.282 0.595 LA Dodgers 83 0.181 0.294 0.241 0.535 San Diego 100 0.160 0.257 0.270 0.527

The Brewers' .595 OPS is only 3rd worst? The Padres starting 3B (Kouzmanoff), has a .354 OPS in 71 AB, so I guess we should be happy with the platoon so far? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


EDIT: .260 / .334 / .401 / .735 NL average at 3B so far. The AL isn't much better.

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Wow. Nine of the sixteen NL teams have had downright rotten production at 3B over the first month of the season.

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

[align=right]-- Sigmund Snopek[/align]

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I think we should get this thread up to 8 or 9 pages before the game starts. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


Any word on if Weeks will play tonight? Just cover up that cracked fingernail or something? What about Hart and his wrist?

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Let's put another notch in the win column for this home stand! I think we really need to build a bit of a lead in the division here and hope that Cincy gets beat up a bit too. We have some pretty tough games coming up after this stand. Kind of nervous.


Go Crew!

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The Brewers have had a really easy schedule so far, based on SOS:
 [b]TEAM SOS W L[/b] Colorado Rockies 0.543 10 16 Los Angeles Dodg 0.527 15 11 San Francisco Gi 0.522 13 11 Chicago White So 0.521 12 11 San Diego Padres 0.520 13 13 New York Yankees 0.519 9 14 Texas Rangers 0.516 10 15 Kansas City Roya 0.514 8 18 Los Angeles Ange 0.511 15 11 Washington Natio 0.510 9 17 Cleveland Indian 0.509 14 8 Chicago Cubs 0.502 10 14 Toronto Blue Jay 0.500 13 12 Florida Marlins 0.500 12 13 Baltimore Oriole 0.498 12 14 Atlanta Braves 0.497 16 9 Tampa Bay Devil 0.496 11 14 Arizona Diamondb 0.494 16 11 St. Louis Cardin 0.493 10 14 Seattle Mariners 0.492 10 10 Oakland Athletic 0.489 12 13 New York Mets 0.487 15 9 Cincinnati Reds 0.486 12 13 Boston Red Sox 0.486 16 8 Detroit Tigers 0.486 14 11 Pittsburgh Pirat 0.485 12 12 Philadelphia Phi 0.484 11 14 Milwaukee Brewer 0.476 16 9 Houston Astros 0.471 10 14 Minnesota Twins 0.471 14 11

By the time the Brewers finish up the Nats series, I believe the Brewers' SOS will be the lowest in the league.

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We never win when Sheets pitches. If we need to win 1 game to get us to the post-season, I sure as heck hope it falls in the spot where Soup or Cappy pitches!!!



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Does it really matter where the wins come from right now? To me a win is a win is a win and right now those wins have us in first place. This team should only continue to get better as the season progresses making us better suited to face tougher competition.
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Does Corey play today or does he rest up for the three LHers Pit is bringing later this week? I think he might play tonight but tomarrow i doubt it. Id like to see Gross get a start today in RF leading off if Weeks is resting still.
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In wOOgiE's original post, the Braun tracker includes a note on "Singles to Ryan Braun"



My suspicions have risen...does this mean singles past him, or singles that maybe could be scored as errors?

Stearns Brewing Co.: Sustainability from farm to plate
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