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5/17/07 Brewers (Bush) at Red Sox (Wakefield): 7:35 PM CDT




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Radio: 620 WTMJ (Brewers Radio Network)
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It will be broadcast for Boston, but not for Milwaukee. People that have Extra Innings/MLB.TV will get it.

Strange day; us EI folks are up a creek for the day game (I've got Dodgers-Angels here for the Fox game) but I'll get to see one most of Wisconsin won't tonight

Guess I'll go out and enjoy the nice weather in the afternoon
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God I hope we can hit the knuckleballer Wakefield. The thing with Wakefield is he is usually untouchable or you can pound him. I just hope it's one of those games where he gets pounded. We really need to win this so we don't go into tomorrow's game with a potential sweep on the line.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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The game is airing for me on NESN DTV channel 623. Anyone else watching just laugh at Weeks on the 3-1 pitch. A 75 mph fastball mid-thigh that just absolutely split the middle of the plate.....and Weeks looked at it. Rickie what the hell were you looking for?
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