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03/03/07 - Giants (Morris) @ Brewers (Sheets) : 2:05 PM CT

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Wow, it's just awesome to hear Uecker's voice again. I had to pause and appreciate the moment when he first said "From beautiful and sunny Maryvale Arizona, Bob Uecker along with Jim Powell bringing you Brewers baseball . . . "


The boys are back baby !!!

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RF Winn

SS Frandsen

1B Aurilla

3B Feliz

CF Linden

LF Ellison

2B Velez

C Rodriguez

SP Matt Morris




2B Weeks

SS Hardy

RF Hart

CF Hall

LF Jenkins

C Estrada

3B Graffy

1B Rottino

SP Sheets


1st inning


-Winn grounds out to 2B

-Frandsen grounds out to 2B

-Aurilla walks from a 3-2 count

-Feliz doubles to CF. Aurilla scores. 1-0 Giants

-Linden singles. Feliz scores. 2-0 Giants

-Ellison pops out to CF.


-Weeks walks. Weeks steals 2B and reaches 3B on an error by Rodrguez.

-Hardy singles to CF. Weeks scores. 2-1 Giants.

-Hart singles to LF. Hardy to 2B.

-Hall walks. Bases juiced.

-Jenkins singles to RF. Hardy scores. 2-2

-Estrada singles to RF. Hart and Hall score. Jenkins to 3B. 4-2 Brewers.

-Graffy grounds to 3B. Estrada out at 2B. Jenkins scores. 5-2 Brewers

-Rottino grounds to 1B. Graffy forced out at 2B.

-Sheets grounds to 3B. Rottino forced out at 2B.


2nd inning


-Velez grounds out to 2B.

-Rodriguez pops out to 2B.

-Morris flies out to CF.


-Weeks lines out to LF.

-Hardy singles to LF.

-Hart HBP.

-Hall grounds out. Hardy to 3B. Hart to 2B.

-Jenkins walks. Hardy scores on wild pitch. 6-2 Brewers.

Scott Atchison replaces Matt Morris

-Estrada singles. Hart scores. 7-2 Brewers

-Graffy grounds out to P.


3rd inning


Balfour replaces Sheets

-Winn walks.

-Frandsen HBP. Winn to 2B.

-WP by Balfour. Winn to 3B. Frandsen to 2B.

-Aurilla strikes out looking.

-Feliz pops up to SS.

-Linden singles to RF. Winn and Frandsen score. 7-4 Brewers.

-Linden steals second base.

-Ellison singles to RF. Linden scores. 7-5 Brewers.

Alec Zumwalt replaces Balfour pitching.

-Velez flies out to LF


-Rottino grounds out to SS.

Counsell batting in pitcher's spot.

-Counsell infield single to P.

-Weeks pops out to 1B.

-Counsell caught stealing by a lot.


4th inning


Sarfate ptiching

-Rodriguez walks

Ben Copeland pinch hitting for pitcher

-Copeland walks. Rodriguez to 2B.

-Winn singles to LF. Rodriguez scores. 7-6 Brewers

-Frandsen pops out.

-Aurilla flies out to CF.

-Feliz singles to RF. Copeland scores. 7-7

-Linden walks. Bases loaded.

Mike Meyers (what?) replaces Dennis Sarfate pitching

-Ellison walks. Winn scores. 8-7 Giants.

-Velez lines out to 1B.


Dan Geise replaces Atchison pitching. Bergolla replaces Velez at 2B. Santos replaces Aurilla at 1B.

-Hardy pops out to 3B.

-Hart walks.

-Hall flies out to CF.

-Jenkins grounds out to P.


5th inning


-Rodriguez grounds out to SS.

-Santos flies out to RF.

-Winn pops out to 3B.


Dan Ortmeier replaces Randy Winn in RF

-Estrada flies out to CF.

-Graffinino strikes out.

-Rottino flies out to LF.





It looks like Gameday is working pretty good now so I'm going to call it a day. Someone can take over if they really want.

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Typical 1st inning for Sheets. IMO, one of the reasons why he doesn't "WIN" more games...when you consistently put your own batters behind the 8-ball early in the game, you certainly put pressure on them to score.


He has to come out ready to pitch strong at the outset, enough said.

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Come on bucksman4, its his first outing of Spring Training. Its not unexpected that some top level pitchers get hit around a bit in their first outings. They are working on getting a feel for all of their pitches, and tinkering around with new pitches (for example Sheets is working on using his changeup more).


This isn't the regular season, so lets hold off criticizing Sheets until the season actually starts.


Edit: Wow that top half of the second inning was fast.

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Oh, I'm not criticizing Sheets for THIS particular game...the book on Sheets is jump on him early..and during the regular season, he's known to give up big 1st innings. He has to come out of the bullpen in game-mode right away.
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