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9/26/06 Brewers (Villanueva) @ Cubs (Marshall) 7:05 CT


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Theres nothing more that I'd love than to see the Cubs lose 100 games if it is possible at this point.


I think they have 63 wins so 100 losses is impossible. However, we can bump them over $1million per loss. $95M payroll, 94 losses. That would be sweet!!

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If you're a Crew fan in Chicago, come on out to Wrigley tonight...there are plenty of super cheap tickets available on the street. Even the brokers are selling at a deep discount



I'm a student at Loyola and unfortunately couldn't go tonight, But I'm SO going tomorrow

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1. Clark CF

2. Graffanino 2B

3. Fielder 1B

4. Hall SS

5. Hart RF

6. Mench LF

7. Bell 3B

8. Rivera C

9. Villanueva RHP




1. Pierre CF

2. Theriot 2B

3. Jones RF

4. Murton LF

5. Mabry 1B

6. Blanco C

7. Moore 3B

8. Cedeno SS

9. Marshall LHP


Note: All worms in RF look out because when Jones throws it you never know if it's going 20 feet over the catchers head or if it's going 20 feet before it's spiked into the ground.

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