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7/29/06: Reds (Germano) at Brewers (Davis), 6:05pm


Milwaukee Brewers

Doug Davis (6 - 6 5.1 ERA LHP)


Davis wasn't sharp in his last outing on Monday against Pittsburgh, but picked up the win thanks to the offense pounding out 12 runs. Davis has already made four starts against the Reds this season, going 3-1 with a 3.38 ERA.





Cincinnati Reds

Justin Germano ( 0 - 0 0.00 ERA RHP)


Germano will make his sixth career Major League start on Saturday and his first for the Reds. Germano began the season in Triple-A Louisville and has gone 8-6 with a 3.69 ERA.


Will DD beat the just called up Germano? Will Menche start? We shall see....Go Crew!

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I was feeling a little flustered from all the trading going on, so I wrote a little mojo Haiku about it:


We?ve got David Bell

From the heavens he doth fell,

Hello, infield hell


No El Cabello,

Facing rookie Germano,

Go Graffanino


Two times Cordero

Plus a closer named Turnbow

Let my grandma throw


Don?t forget the Mench,

He already makes me clench,

He has a big head


Davis on the mound

If he keeps his cutter down,

We are playoff bound


I shouldn?t complain

In ?02 we prayed for rain,

You remember, Wayne?


So far we?ve evolved

In the Brewer?s I?m dissolved


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This pitching matchup just has disaster written all over it.


It is very likely that we will get shut down by this pitcher making his first start of the year. And in the rare chance that we score some runs, Doug will find it necessary to give them all back the next half inning.

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Why would Mench get booed? He is replacing a guy that wouldnt have signed no matter what the amount for 4 years. We had no choice but to move him and he is filling in for him past this season.


I know this, you know this, but fans like *treego* don't understand the baseball side of this transaction. Lots of Lee fans and casual fans might boo, that's what I ment.

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