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7/3/2006 Brewers (Bush) vs. Reds (Harang) 1:05 CDT

Milwaukee Brewers


Dave Bush (5-6, 4.45)




Bush has faced the Reds twice this season, once pitching a CGSO and the second time giving up 7 runs in 4 innings, taking the loss in a 15-4 Reds win.




Cincinnati Reds


Aaron Harang (9-5, 3.45)




Harang has faced the Brewers twice this season, once pitching a CGSO and the second time going 5 innings giving up 4 runs and getting a ND in a 6-5 Brewers win.


... My IGT mojo has to turn around eventually, doesn't it? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/frown.gif http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif . Something has to give here, both Harang and Bush have CGSO's and have gotten hit hard in their two respective starts, we'll see what this start brings.

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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Well, we all crashed back down to earth following that Twins series. So, we all know what that means: the Crew wins today! Every time you want to count them out, they bounce back, and every time you start thinking playoffs, they lay an egg. The roller coaster ride continues!
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I hope you're right Badger61, but with Harang followed by Arroyo, the Brewers are going to have to pick up the offense starting with Weeks, Prince and Hall who all need to get it going again.


While on the subject of juicing up the offense, Ned has to get Cirillo in the lineup more.

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This is the perfect time in Milwaukee, the 4th of July, the Brewers at home in a big series, and Summerfest going on. What a great day to be a Milwaukeean.


On that note, it was unfortuate the Brewers had to run into the Twins. The AL Central is just devastating everyone right now. For the most part, the Crew was just outplayed in every face of the game. I think the Brewers will bounce back with a big series here. Following the trend of this team this year, I'm looking for them to sweep the Reds after being swept.

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