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06/09/2006 Cardinals (Mulder) @ Brewers (de la Rosa) 7:05 PM


St. Louis Cardinals


Mark Mulder - (5-4, 4.71)



Mulder's Splits vs. Milwaukee


Mulder finds himself in a slump, having allowed eight runs in each of his past two outings. He urgently needs to practice better damage control. In both of those snowman starts, Mulder has been unable to stop the bleeding, watching innings spiral out of hand. If he can minimize damage when he gets in trouble, he'll be much more successful. (MLB.com)





Milwaukee Brewers


Jorge de la Rosa - (2-2, 7.90)



de la Rosa's Splits vs. St. Louis


In De La Rosa's second start after being moved into the starting rotation, he fared better than his first outing. In 5 2/3 innings, the lefty was charged with five runs -- three came on Alfonso Soriano's grand slam off reliever Joe Winkelsas -- while striking out three and walking four. De La Rosa broke a finger nail in his first outing at Pittsburgh, but said it wasn't a big problem on Sunday and should be fine for the next time he pitches. (MLB.com)



Starting Lineups

 St. Louis Milwaukee --------- --------- Pos Player HR RBI AVG. Pos Player HR RBI AVG. --- ------ -- --- ---- --- ------ -- --- ---- SS Eckstein, David 1 15 .319 2B Weeks, Rickie 5 17 .296 CF Taguchi, So 1 20 .288 3B Cirillo, Jeff 2 8 .354 3B Rolen, Scott 6 36 .343 SS Hall, Bill 14 30 .269 RF Encarnacion, Juan 8 28 .253 LF Lee, Carlos 19 46 .270 1B Spiezio, Scott 3 16 .293 1B Fielder, Prince 9 34 .300 LF Luna, Hector 3 10 .288 C Miller, Damian 5 23 .284 C Molina, Yadier 1 20 .201 RF Jenkins, Geoff 7 36 .253 2B Miles, Aaron 0 7 .284 CF Clark, Brady 2 14 .286 P Mulder, Mark (5-4, 4.71) P De La Rosa, Jorge (2-2, 7.90)


General Information

TV - FSN North

Radio - AM 620 WTMJ

Online - MLB.com GameDay, ESPN.com GameCast


Game Information

MLB.com Preview

Cardinals Fan Site

Cardinals Official Site

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Billy could be feasting tonight over a struggling left hander. Would be nice to see Hart in the lineup as well, but that'll never happen. Maybe Rillo playing third.


"Well that game was a big bowl of crap." - Brian

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Verified Member

If the Brewer hitters try to pull everything against Mark Mulder, I am going to be very angry tonight. They have to think about hitting to the opposite field. Mulder induces lots of double plays by getting hitters to roll over on offspeed pitches over the outside half of the plate.


Time to make adjustments. Wynegar has got to keep on these guys tonight.

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Jenkins moved to 7th spot tonight and Hall in the 3 hole.


D. Eckstein ss

S. Taguchi cf

S. Rolen 3b

J. Encarnacion rf

S. Spiezio 1b

H. Luna lf

Y. Molina c

A. Miles 2b

Mulder p




Weeks 2b

Cirillo 3b

Hall ss

Lee lf

Fielder 1b

Miller c

Jenkins rf

Clark cf

de la Rosa p




edited to include lineup

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Is the Cardinals plan to put out one of the worst lineups in baseball and still kill the Brewers? They do it all the time against them, and tonight is no different....Scott Rolen and a bunch of crap. Hopefully the outcome is. De La Rosa has another opportunity to solidify himself, hope he takes advantage of it.
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Is the Cardinals plan to put out one of the worst lineups in baseball and still kill the Brewers? They do it all the time against them, and tonight is no different.


It seems that way because the Brewers have had a lot of lefties and Edmonds doesn't start against lefties. Edmonds and Walker didn't last year.

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Its nice to see Ned finally move Jenkins down in the lineup.


This move is eerily similar to last year when Jenkins was going through that terrible slump and Ned finally moved him to the 7 spot. Jenkins then proceeded to heat up and was a force in our lineup the rest of the year. Hopefully we'll see more of the same this time.

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7th hole. Why is Jenkins still on the team?? My God, Corey Hart ought to start the final 100 games or so. In fact, I can't wait for the day that Clark, Gross, and Hart all start in the outfield. Oh what a fierce line-up we'll have.
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Community Moderator

Jorge just screams Teddy Higuera in his prime when he's on like that. It's just getting him to be on like that consistently that's the problem.


And count me in as someone that thought Scott Spiezio retired like 3 years ago...

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