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Offical Trade Deadline Major League Rumor Thread

This is where I will post all rumors around the league not just the Brewers. It will be updated every day so please check in and respond to it.


On the Block Rumors 7-23


Ian Snell- Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates are willing to trade him for a young power hitter. They have had discussions with the Braves about Salty and with the Dodgers about Matt Kemp. Both are unavailable, though the Dodgers would move Andre Ethier and the Braves, Yunel Escobar.


Adam Dunn- Reds are willing to deal him, but for a very high price. The Twins would have interest if the Reds paid most of his remaining salary. The Padres are willing to move Scott Linebrink and another arm for Dunn, but Reds sought even more than that package. The Dodgers are interested but lack a lineup spot for him. The Angels and Mariners also contacted the Reds, but were baffled by the asking price: a starting pitcher, a middle infielder and top prospect. Braves, Tigers, Astros and White Sox are also scouting him. Nationals are also interested.


Octavio Dotel, RHRP--Kansas City Royals- The Indians, Cubs, Brewers, Red Sox, Dodgers, Tigers and Rockies are interested. Jerry Crasnick likes the idea of trading Dotel to the Red Sox for Wily Mo Pena. The Dodgers will not meet the Royals' asking price of James Loney or Matt Kemp for Dotel, but could instead offer Chin-Lung Hu. They would even offer Tony Abreu if the Royals include another piece. The Dodgers are the closet to getting a deal done. The Indians will not meet the asking price of Franklin Gutierrez or Ben Francisco.

Last updated: 11:32 AM - Jul 23, 07 by MLB4U.com | Source: Ken Rosenthal | Rated: 2.8187 out of 5


Livan Hernandez- Arizona Diamondbacks: D-Backs have approached him about signing a long-term extension. He is eligible for free agency after this season. Some the Diamondbacks are making him available in trades. The Braves, Mets or Phillies could be suitors, but none of them are very interested. The Diamondbacks would also want prospects that are as valuable as two early draft picks.


Scott Olsen- Florida Marlins: Marlins are willing to trade him. It is uncertain how much interest teams have in the tempermental pitcher.



Josh Towers- Toronto Blue Jays: The Jays are willing to trade him, but not Matt Stairs or Troy Glaus. The Phillies have scouted him.


Kenny Lofton- Texas Rangers: Indians and Brewers have minimal interest in trading for him. Their interest would increase if David Dellucci and Bill Hall, respectively, have setbacks on their comeback trails from the DL. Cubs interested.


Mark Teixeira- Texas Rangers: Rangers are willing to trade him in exchange for a lot of talent, especially major league-ready pitching. However, Buster Olney says with one week left the asking price is beginning to drop. The Red Sox, Giants, Dodgers, Braves, Orioles, Dodgers, Tigers, Yankees and Angels maintain an interest in Teixeira.


Jon Garland- Chicago White Sox: The Diamondbacks are interested in acquiring Garland or John Danks. Their interest in Jose Contreras is very minimal. Danks is near-untouchable.


Jack Wilson- : The Pirates are shopping him. Jays are interested, but would want the Pirates to pick up a large portion of the $14.25 remaining on his contract. The Pirates asked for Troy Glaus in return and were quickly rebuffed.


Salomon Torres- : He asked the Pirates to trade him, but has since eased his stance. The Pirates could still trade him in the next week. The Red Sox are interested and the two teams have discussed a Torres for Wily Mo Pena swap.


Chad Cordero- Nationals have no reason to trade him, but he is attracting interest. During the off-season, the Red Sox offered Wily Mo Pena for Cordero, but were not willing to move Clay Buchholz. The Rockies also maintain interest. The Cubs, Diamondbacks, Phillies, Tigers, Indians and Mets are also scouting Cordero and Jon Rauch. The Nats' have scouted the Tigers' Jair Jurrjens. From the Mets, the Nats want Mike Pelfrey and Lastings Milledge.


Jeff Conine- Mets, Twins and Diamondbacks interested. Cubs interested and Will Carroll reports they could work out a deal to acquire him for Jacque Jones and a prospect.


Jarrod Saltalamacchia- Atlanta Braves: The Pirates are interested. The Braves want a young, major league-ready starting pitcher. The Pirates have Tom Gorzelanny and Ian Snell to offer. The Rangers also like Salty, but the Braves will not offer him for Teixeira.




More Rumors


Garland For Renteria Discussed?


Found via Buster Olney's blog: Peter Gammons suggested that the White Sox and Braves have discussed a Jon Garland for Edgar Renteria swap.


Phillies Scouting Rangers?


Another one of those scouting guessing games: Peter Gammons mentioned on Friday that Phillies GM Pat Gillick and assistant GM Mike Arbuckle were at the Indians-Rangers game on Thursday.


Carroll heard a far out Alex Rodriguez to the Dodgers rumor, but doesn't buy it.


The Tigers may be looking for relievers, and some possible names on the radar include Chad Qualls, Dan Wheeler, Brad Lidge, Salomon Torres, Damaso Marte, Shawn Chacon, and Chad Cordero. That's most of the market right there, though Lidge seems likely to stay put.


Rockies Hunting For Relief Help


Renck says the Rockies have inquired on Jon Rauch, Chad Cordero, Akinori Otsuka, Julian Tavarez, and Manny Delcarmen.


The Brewers, Phillies, and Dodgers are looking at Oakland lefty and impending free agent Joe Kennedy. Kennedy is only 28 and he has had National League success as a starter.




Plenty of 2B options if Mets go shopping


A stunning number of second basemen are available if the New York Mets decide to pursue a deal.


Washington's Ronnie Belliard, Tampa Bay's Jorge Cantu (and ex-Met Ty Wigginton, who can play second), the White Sox' Tadahito Iguchi, Arizona's Orlando Hudson, Houston's Mark Loretta, San Francisco's Ray Durham and Kansas City's Mark Grudzielanek all are or could be available for various reasons.


Cards may deal a few pieces


Though insisting there will be no "sell-off," St. Louis Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty might have an opportunity to stir the market with right fielder Juan Encarnacion, pending free-agent shortstop David Eckstein or a righthanded reliever.


Tejada a good fit for Padres?


Steve Scholfield of the North County Times has some ideas for improving the San Diego Padres' lineup:


Here's a trade idea. Go after Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada and move him either to third or second base.


It would cost them one or two top prospects plus Scott Linebrink, but it would be worth the gamble.

If not Tejada, think about going after Ken Griffey Jr. (Cincinnati Reds), Jermaine Dye (Chicago White Sox) or Texas Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira, a switch-hitter.


Cordero bound for Tigers' pen?


The non-waiver trade deadline is just over a week away and the Detroit Tigers are still in the market for help to their patchwork bullpen. The Washington Nationals may put closer Chad Cordero on the block, and DetroitTigers.com reporter Jason Beck reports they may be interested in Tigers prospect Jair Jurrjens.


Dotel a Dodger?


The Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be the front-runners for Kansas City Royals' closer Octavio Dotel.


In return for Dotel, the Royals want a position player who is close to the majors. Dodgers Class AAA second baseman Tony Abreu probably is out of reach, but Class AAA shortstop Chin-Lung Hu could be a possibility.


Dye may soon be cast


The interest in Chicago White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye seems to be rising.


The Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox are among the teams that have inquired. The Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs also would be logical fits.


According to one club, the White Sox are looking for an elite prospect in return.


Yanks, Rays talking trade involving Wigginton


Rumors continue to swirl about the New York Yankees' interest in Tamp Bay Devil Rays' IF Ty Wigginton. The New York Post reported Saturday the Rays would accept a straight-up offer of 30-year-old RHP Scott Proctor for Wigginton, though it was not clear if that offer had been made. Either way, nothing is believed to be imminent as both teams continue to explore possibilities.


Contreras, Morris best starters available


Unless the Florida Marlins decide the time is right to deal Dontrelle Willis, Jose Contreras (Chicago White Sox) and the San Francisco Giants' Matt Morris figure to be the best starters traded. Lesser arms being made available include Kyle Lohse (Cincinnati Reds), Joe Kennedy (Oakland A's), and Steve Trachsel (Baltimore Orioles).




Braves to scout Giants talent?


The Braves are looking for a back-end starter and could also use more punch at first base. They'll get an up-close view of RHP Matt Morris and 1B Ryan Klesko, two Giants who could be dealt before July 31.



Will post more later this afternoon but things are really starting to heat up.

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Here are a couple tidbits I looked at online...


- Reggie Sanders is reportedly interested in going to the Red Sox if traded.

- Jermaine Dye has been frustrated since the Sox signed Buerhle to his contract extension and both newspapers, the Tribune and Sun-Times out of Chicago have reported that Dye has been distant in the clubhouse and hasn't said much to his teammates since his teammates extension. The Sun Times reports that Dye's agent approached the Sox about an extension, but did not receive any positive feedback from the team.

- The Chicago Daily Herald, out of Arlington Heights, reports that Lou Piniella and Cubs officials are interested in re-acquiring Kenny Lofton and possibly make a pitch for closer Eric Gagne. My thought: The Cubs are definitely buyers right now.


I have read some reports from other web sites and the Brewers could be vulnerable at the deadline with the loss of Sheets for an extended period of time. Now that Sheets is down, teams may ask more for some of their pitchers because starting pitching is now a "need" position for the Brewers.

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Just to point out that our stud Carlos Villeanueva has had games this season like his first one where he walked 3 guys or not even a week ago where he gave up 3 HRs. Let's not tar and feather the guy just yet.
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The Twins may trade Nathan?




Would we be interested? Sounds more like a reporter's speculation, but another name to add to pen speculation, despite the price tag?

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I think we need to get another reliever as clearly Grant Ballfour is a AAAA pitcher.




It was one bad inning. He looked good in his other inning, and his AAA numbers are good enough that he needs to be given a few chances.


I think we've all become spoiled by Braun and Gallardo's immediate success after their callups this year.

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updated 7-19.


Rumors that intrest me


Dotel to Brewers?

Nathan may be dealt?

Fuentes may be on the block?

Dimitri Young to the Twins?

Diamondbacks reject trades.


Thoughts? I will add more when I find new ones.

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I don't really think the Royals are going to move Greinke. There's still so much upside there.


I think it's just wishful thinking by media types in Chicago and New York that one of those teams will get him.

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I would be intrigued by us acquiring Conor Jackson from the D'Backs if available. If cheap, he is still young and it wasn't that long ago he was considered a major prospect in Arizona. As well as fitting a need for us in LF after this season, when both Mench and Jenks probably will be gone.


What would it take guys?

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AZ has a lot of sorting to do. Byrnes will most likely walk after this season, and they've got to get Quentin squared away physically, but I do think either Jackson or Tracy may be dealt.


They have Reynolds to play 3rd, either Jackson or Tracy can play first, with the other one moving, if they can sort out the OF spots.


This winter, I think Milwaukee will go get a LF, and a veteran reliever, either to close, or set up Turnbow for next season.

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Is there any way that Byrnes might be traded, since contract negotiations have broke off.


He looked really good in that last series vs. the Brewers. He is definetly having a career year and it would take a lot to get him, but he might be worth looking at. He seems like he could be a huge sparkplug.

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That Byrnes idea is intriguing. He would look really good coupled with Hart at the top of the order. It is also intriquing because the Diamondbacks are also loaded with prospects throughout their system. Adding another good prospect would help them stay in position to make an extended run, similar to the Brewers.
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Joe Kennedy would be a nice fit for this team. He could be a swingman or could just be the LOOGY and Shouse gets axed.


I am just find with the guy we have at the moment (as he gets Adam Dunn to ground out in a 1-1 game). If given a reason that they shoudl go after a LOOGY then yeah maybe, but right now I think Shouse has been arguably just as good as Turnbow, Cordero, and Villanueva. Especially lately.

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