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Carlos Lee expected to sign with Cubs.....

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The title of this thread is a little misleading as it represents nothing new.


The Chicago media has been reporting this supposed interest that Lee has to play in Wrigley, since before the Brewers traded him.


Lee will probably go where he is offered the most money. The sources Sullivan quotes are no doubt plants by Lee to enable him to involve as many teams as possible to drive up his price.


My guess is that Lee's people were concerned that the report of Houston being a done deal was driving away other interested teams and thus lowering the price. So he needed to re-kindle that Cub talk.

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Fine with me, I hope the Astros and Cubs get into a bidding war, one of them can have him if they'll clearly overpay.


To those who wanted the Brewers to give Carlos Lee whatever he wanted, and who now want them to pursue Pat Burrell, this just in....


"The danger when you enter into a contract of that magnitude is that you're probably signing a guy at his peak time," an American League executive said. "Your emotions are high and he's coming off a great year, and you say, 'We're not going to move him anyway. Let's give him a no-trade.' Three years later, you have Pat Burrell."

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"you're talking $40-45 million annually for three hitters"


Sure, but that represents an increase of only $20 million over last year's payroll and Cubs have been saying all along they will go to at least $120 million for next year.


Besides they are getting some significant money off the books with Wood and Pierre.


In a lot of ways the Brewers find themselves in the same predicament as teams like the Orioles. Sure they can raise payroll some and develop some young talent. But in the same division as teams like Cubs, Cardinals, and Astros that all draw over 3 million with much more lucartive TV and radio deals, and they are going to always be underdogs.

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You really think they're going to $120 million JohnBriggs? I think they may go over $100 million but I doubt it goes much higher.


Lee $13M

Zambrano $9M (arbitration; new deal???)

Dempster $5M

Jones $4M

Izturis $4.15M

Howry $4M

Eyre $3.5M

Rusch $3.25M


That's 45.9M right there then they'll need to re-sign Ramirez and that will cost about $16M and they still will need a couple more starting pitchers a couple bullpen guys and a couple bench guys.


They should just tear that thing down and start from scratch.

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I think the Cubs are going to end up resigning Pierre. Probably for a lot more than any of us think he's worth. Certainly, I don't see the Cubs turning over the position to Pie yet. And it's pretty clear that the Cubs view leadoff as a position instead of a role, so I don't see them going cheap there.


I'd love it if the Cubs signed Lee and let Ramirez get away. And what would they do with Murton if they signed Lee and with Jones still under a sizable contract?



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You really think they're going to $120 million JohnBriggs? I think they may go over $100 million but I doubt it goes much higher.


All indications here in Chicago is that payroll for the Cubs will be in that $120 mil range. They are serious about contending fast because of the increased popularity of the Sox.

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Do I really think they're going to $120 million?


I actually think they will go over that. But that's the number Hendry has been quoted as saying and I hear all the time. Remember I read Chicago newspapers on a daily basis. And why not? The only thing holding them back at all, is the situation with the Tribune Company. And that could resolve itself within a year or two. How does Mark Cuban or Donald Trump as Cub owner sound? Both those names are brought up down here as possible.


Brewer fans have to realize that the pressure on Cub brass for immediate results is immense. Sure they will still sell out, but what happened in 03 changed things. They've been killed in the media down here for 2-3 years. Andy McPhail had to quit because he didn't bring a championship. They ran Dusty Baker out town on a rail and they didn't bring in Lou Piniella to rebuild.


Steve Stone is on the radio several times a week stating the obvious that the division is winnable for the Cubs if they add a big bat and a quality starter.


One reason I have cautioned Brewer fans about pinning hopes two or three years down the road. The competition (mainly the Big market 3) isn't going to sit idly by. They go for it every year and try to load up to do it. There is not going to be that moment that in July the Brewers find themselves 5 or 6 games up that will finally allow Melvin to use a prospect to get the team into the playoffs. He has to realize that anytime the team can get within 3-4 games in July, that he should not be selling, but buying.


As for Murton. Please. Murton is a nice hitter, but lacks normal LF power, and is an abomination as a fielder. He's probably good enough to start for some teams but he's not a championship caliber corner outfielder.

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Basically i think that 120 million might be an understatement! They did not make the move for Pinella to bring in a youth movement when opening day starts expect them to have added quite a bit of pop and pitching to the team. With the resigning of Wade Miller they having added an arm that will challange for the 5th spot in that rotation. They will most likely try to convince wood to come back as a reliever at a reduced/incentive contract.

I read somewhere that they might be interested in Dave Roberts as there leadoff hitter. If they actually do sign Roberts that would be a smart signing. I don't think they want Juan Pierre back. This could be a busy offseason and one that could either help the cubs win the division or put the final nail in the coffin! Here's how i view there 2006 lineup


Now i have not heard any rumors of Loretta going to the cubs but he just fits in to the older vet mode that they look to be going in. Adding Loretta gives them great hitting and some good defense. I really think that they are going to resign Ramirez and also add Lee. Roberts makes sense as their CF. But might be giving them to much credit by adding him.

For the pitching staff call it a hunch but i have a a feeling that they will be in the running for Matsuzaka. If they add him and Prior comes back healthy from his annual injuries they have a pretty good pitching staff. I also look for them to look at the bull pen and might address the closer role before all is said and done.

Sorry this may not make sense just got back from a party!


C Barrett

1 Lee

2 Loretta

3 Ramirez

SS Izturis

LF Lee

RF Jones/ Murton

CF Roberts


SP) Zambrano

SP) Matsuzaka

SP) Prior (inury)

SP) Hill/ Marshal

SP) Miller

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