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Kendrys Morales

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Why would we move Hart back to RF? We have a RFer in Aoki.


I'm not a fan of trading Hart, but I would think the only real possibility would be to trade Hart and move Morales into the 1B spot.


Again, I'm not a fan of the move I am proposing, I'd rather leave things as they are with Hart at 1B and Aoki in RF.

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So we are going to trade Hart and then give up more than what we get from Hart for a player not as good as Hart? And Morales is a FA after 2013 as well.


I doubt we'd give up more for Morales than we'd get from Hart, but even so, it doesn't really make sense if we have to give up anything for him. The only way this would work is if the Angels gave Morales away for nothing to a team willing to pay his whole salary simply because they don't have room on their roster for him.


If we could get him for nothing and could trade Hart for a top prospect (two big ifs), then the move could make sense. We'd probably take a step back at 1B this season with some combo of Morales ® / Gamel (L), while adding a good young prospect to help us out for six years or so.


Of course, the big question would be how much of an upgrade would Morales/Gamel be over simply handing the starting job to Gamel. If we are going to trade Hart, is it worth paying $5MM or so for Morales as a RH platoon 1B / RH bat off the bench?

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He's a .700 OPS (sub-.300 OBP) bat v. LHP in his career, so he definitely needs to be shielded from LHP. And his career .858 OPS v. RHP is about what I'd peg Gamel to do (not to mention Morales only managed .791 last season, his first back after the big leg injury).
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All in all, for the potential plusses he'd represent, I just can't see Morales as being much more than a lateral move, so why even bother? That's not worth the effort unless spinning his Angels-paid contract off as part of a larger Hart deal that would net us more needed assets.


Morales is more of a 4-5-6 hitter, and we don't really have a need or a space for a guy like him with Gamel & Green around, Hart still here, & Morris on the way, plus a full OF and young guys like Gindl, Davis, Davis, & others in the pipeline.

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Dont really understand this idea of trading Hart for Morales. Obviously mute at this point but youre looking at the same kind of player levels in Hart/Morales. Hart a lil better but his salary being higher takes away a lil bit of his value. This deal is good on both ends. Seattle found the OF they needed instead of Swisher or Hamilton. and on avg I'd expect Morales to perform to expectations. Swisher/Hamilton can really underperform at way more price.

In Vargas Angels get a guy that seems to just always keep you in the game covering 6ip. With That offense in LAA That should be plenty to win him 14games again or more.

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